Hearing Aids

  • Does anyone here use them? My hearing has been bad for around 30+ years, mainly from being around loud machinery and not wearing hearing protection. Also had a rifle muzzle close to my ears when it was shot.

    I finally got tired of saying what, huh, etc etc. So I went and got tested. My high frequency hearing is real bad lol. During the word test I could only understand 72 percent of spoken words in left ear and 76 in right. Not only could I not hear the words, in conversations with people my mind would make up the words I was missing, sometimes not even close to what the actual conversation is about.

    So, I got a trial set of aids from the ear dr I went to. My gosh it is wonderful to be able to hear again. It was like on the old radios with a bass and treble knob, and the treble shut all the way off. These trial ones I can stream Bluetooth and phone directly into them. I absolutely love that.

    So if anyone has any experience I would like to hear about it. Pros and cons. I have a 30 day free trial and I have no idea what to pick afterwards. I know my dr will help too. There are over 30 different ones she can get.

  • I've been guilty of that before, misheard what is said and I'll repeat what it sounded like I heard which is way off. Kids think it's funny though

    And another time she told me I have selective hearing. I told her that it's from being married. That was not an acceptable answer apparently

  • 8 or 9 years ago I heard I could get hearing aids at cost through the VA. That was a lie. Jumped through hoops and then after a year they said they couldn't find my records. A couple years later they told me told me they found them and scheduled me a test. Extensive testing, never had anything like it before. They told me my hearing sucked, they could have just asked my wife, but that a hearing aid wouldn't help my left ear at all and might make it worse. But, not service related. Pissed me off and I got an advocate. Then they said I made too much money. I don't make that much. Fuck the VA. Went to Costco.

  • I got my hearing aids from the VA. Very nice set after, as Iron says, the most extensive hearing test I ever had.

    This was after Trump did improve the VA.

    No charge at all to me. They work great but I admit I don't wear them all the time or even as much as I should. I don't hear or mis-hear daily but...who wants things stuck in your ear all day? Eventually I'll surrender but not yet.

  • Costco has been very good about providing free service for them and the batteries bought there are cheap. They don't help with tinnitus like some do so I've read but they do make a big difference for me. Since I work only a few hours a week now and rarely talk to clients anymore I wear them only when we go out or have company here.

  • I lost all hearing for high tones. Engines, guns and Led Zepplin killed it.

    I have them, can't stand wearing them tho. Can't stand things in my ear, they itch. They make it so I can hear high tones again, but the batteries only last a week. On or off. I can live without hearing the dishes clink, the clack of keyboards or the washer / dryer going. Bleh.

  • They don't help with tinnitus like some do so I've read . . .

    Several years ago I went to an audiology center to see if they could do something about my tinnitus. I was told they could try some kind of a feedback hearing aid that in theory could cancel the tinnitus. He said the problem was that they only get it to work well for about 40% of patients, and since my hearing in general wasn't bad enough, insurance was not going to cover the thousands of dollars it would take to find out if I was one of the lucky ones.

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