AR triggers - Need a decent one

  • First off, I'm not really into the ARs. I have a Sig 516 and a Sig 716 because I fell into a good deal. I haven't shot either one very much.

    I was at the range shooting the 516 for about 100 rounds. Shoots OK; I was trying various ammo that I have on hand. Some groups were nice other ammo not so good.

    Overall though, I was really unimpressed with the trigger. It's probably a combat trigger; heavy pull, kind of a gritty takeup too. Might smooth out in a 1000 pulls. I don't want to wait that long.

    So two questions. One, who makes a decent drop in trigger that will give me a smooth pull to a clean break? Two, is this a simple watch a YouTube drop in procedure? I'm familiar with firearms and how they work, so if it's a minor deal, I'm in.

  • OK, which one best fits my needs? I'll coyote hunt with the 516. The 716 would be for the most dangerous game animal.

    I'm leaning single stage. Don't see the advantage to the two stage as I won't be competing with either one.

    I'll shoot both on the range now and then trying out different ammo for group. Can't see either one for home defense. I have better options for that already.

    That's about it. Open to advice and education.

    Rode Hard, Put Away Wet

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  • X2 etc for Geiselle. "Guys-Lee" triggers have never let me down, very, very reliable, and they are difficult to beat in terms of quality of the press they'll give you. I have one of their national match triggers in one of my 308 AR rifles, and the adjustability is great. Use their flat trigger models (they have a bunch of options there) in my 556 rifles. I've been using their triggers for 20 years now, it was circa 2003 when I dropped in my first one in a DPMS Panther 308 stainless HBAR rifle back when my company was the national distributor for DPMS up here. Great, great trigger (and rifle for the $, it shot darts).

  • Dry fire tools like that are invaluable IMO. 3/4 or more of your trigger presses while training should be dry fire drills. Any type of gadget/whatever that helps with training while dry firing is worth it if it works for you.

  • Was hoping you’d comment Gman

    So what trigger/s would you put in a Sig 516 and 716 patrol? Not going to compete with them.

    2 stage like South said? Flat trigger? 4 pound?

    There’s so many different ones. Point me at one plz

  • flat or bow is a personal feel thing.

    Hunting/target shooting, 2 stage

    3gun, single stage,

  • I shot the 516 again yesterday. Had a buddy that brought his 516 with stock trigger and ~ 3000 rounds through it.

    His trigger was WAY smoother than mine. I will say though that after about 100 rounds through mine a little of the gritty feel started smoothing out. Might get better with a couple thousand rounds through it like his did.

    None the less, if the G triggers go on sale this fall, I'll probably change out the 516 and 716.