kitties stay warm!

  • I go to the thrift store and buy old ice chests. They have plastic walls filled with foam and run about $5. Then I cut a hole in both ends.....the cat has to be able to get out if a predator is attacking form one side. You can open the lid to clean it.


    Cool post GG!

  • I saw an article about this... some place in America is making them and putting them out in park areas where the feral cats are... Supposedly to help keep them safe and not put down.....

    Flip side of that... makes things easy for the councils when they decide to cull...

    Wonder if they can make them for the homeless... bahhh what am I thinking.... cats are way more important than humans

  • The cooler is a great idea! I saw a shelter made out of two totes with a styrofoam cooler between the plastic totes (That sounds like you'd have to luck-out & get just the right compatible sizes for it to really work.) I'll try thrift & second hand store for coolers.

    I live in the country but also have a house in town. Near it is an old abandoned property with several single-wide trailers. MANY cats lived under the trailers. This spring, they demolished all the trailers & all the cats (some pregnant) were displaced. I ended up with a bunch of them getting into my crawlspace & taking up residence. Some wandered over to my neighbors place & luckily they are animal lovers.

    I don't want to be the cat lady, but I have been feeding them. This summer, so many kittens were born. I can touch 2 of the 5 adult female cats. I am taking two of them in to be spayed this Friday & hope that they won't hate me too much afterwards. As I am able to handle the others, I'll get them fixed, too.

    Our animal shelter closed several years ago due to fraud & mismanagement & many other shelters nearby only want dogs. I desperately need to get the kittens placed into homes.

    I have an area under a sunporch that little cat shelters would be perfect in. Then, I can secure my crawlspace.

  • Yess!! katya , you get a big kiss and hug from me for helping the kitties!! :*:*:* ((HUG)) <3:clap:clap:clap:love:

    There's not many strays where I live as it is a more "well to do" part of town. During summer nights I'll occasionally be aware of some horny kitties doing their thang in the gardens behind my house.

    Ten years ago I came across a young male :kitty who followed me to my front door after I'd patted him, home from a late night out.
    As my cat was staying in my Mum's place where I spent most days (looking after sick Mum and bro) I invited him in. He casually went up the stairs and after a cuddle he rolled himself up on the foot-end of my bed, he was so cute. His face was mostly black but exactly his chin and jaw were white. I'll never forget how my Mum laughed when I told her the next day, I'd cheated on my Happy with an unknown cat. <3 I only saw him a few more times after that and feared he must have gotten run over by a car or something :-( but I prefer to think the students who owned him re-homed him ...

    Don't forget to brush your teeth!!

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