New years resolutions.......2020.....Happy New Year!!

  • One of my resolutions is to post more on ICOM. I have been very busy this year and I hope to do better.

    This is the first year for decades that I do not resolve to loose weight. I am at my target weight.

    I also want to be more pleasant this year. I have observed that my blood sugar level makes me nasty when its high and pleasant when its under control.

    I hope everyone is well and best wishes for the New Year from Mary and I.


  • Hi Wayne!

    Me too. I've been so busy. Most of my days are non-stop from the time I get up at 6 until about 8pm. When I'm working I really have to either be driving to my next stop or managing my ETAs and studying what I need to do for my next job - so my mind is just going all day thinking about work. I love my job though!

    I'm off today. I've made a list of things I need to do today. I rarely sit on my ass anymore. lol