Gold price watch thread

  • Nothing has changed in the metals market. Price discovery is nearly impossible in recent decades

    as governments and banks game the system to their benefit.

    On Tuesday, the PMs got a big smack down....bigger than some expected. One speculator figured

    on Wednesday and Thursday the PMs would move sideways. On Friday, August 14th, another large

    move is expected that might surprise many spectators once more. There is a struggle going on now.

    I think the ones making/printing money out of thin air will be the ones to lose. It does bother me to

    think how many people will be hurt before this is all done. Hint: you can't just create 10 Trillion $ out

    of nothing and expect everything will be alright. But now I am preaching. I'll check in later.

  • Friday the 14th has come and gone. The fight for PMs on the Exchange was impressive. I expected

    worse but they still took silver down by 5% at the closing bell. Silver MUST hold at, or above, $27.50 by closing

    bell August 31st if it has the energy to climb to $32 an ounce.

    Some pros think it could dip below $21 before the slug fest is over. Yes, I know some say it is a buying opportunity.

    But try to find physical gold or silver. It's tough to purchase (realistically) for less than $40 an ounce. The Big Boys

    promise nice prices but read the fine print. You often have to WAIT for weeks!!! So, with Silver at 73:1

    for Gold, I think there is some more climbing here. This is because I ( not a financial advisor or stock broker) think

    Gold is still waaaaay undervalued. Again, my unlicensed opinion, vibes feel the silver metal will go past $50 an ounce

    soon. I watched it do so in 1980 and again in 2011. Is this a great country or what?

  • ...on this note, at this moment for current prices :

    Gold $1,944.80

    Silver $26.44

  • Old Uncle Joe ain't the Pres yet. The media has anointed him such so he struts around as the great Pretender Elect.

    Let's wait until: 1. someone concedes the race, or 2. the Electoral College determines the winner.

    I still can not understand how someone who struggled to get a dozen people at ANY of his rallies could now be

    the candidate with the most popular votes in USA history. Could it be his dynamic personality? His call for increased

    taxes, open borders complete with sanctuary cities, defunding the police? Getting back into the Paris accord or the TPP?

    Maybe the fight against fossil fuels.

    Gold and silver are going to go up. There is no stopping it with massive debt and money printing. The only things that will

    have deflation are the things in life you really don't need.