Can we talk about UFOs?

  • I have mixed feelings about UFOs. On the one hand, I totally believe they are real. On the other hand, I've never once seen a clear, convincing photo or video of one. Have you?

    Most photos or videos of UFOs are just lights. You can't tell anything about it other than it's a light in the sky. They could be anything. Drones?

    The US navy videos of the fighter planes tracking the UFOs - now that is the closest thing to proof that I've ever seen on film. That is totally real. I just want to see a VERY clear, clean photo or video of one.


  • I Have seen a UFO ... Back before cell phones with cameras though..

    One night I was mucking about outside (I was always looking for things in the sky) the house overlooked the Auckland harbour and had an awesome 270 degree of the night sky.. I saw five ..what looked like florescent pan fittings (Light panels in office buildings) flying over the water.... Obviously it was a long way off... I had binoculars in my room and so ran through the house to try get a better look ...lay out of the house was lounge, across the hall to my room... probably 20 second run... by the time I got there it was gone... next day or two I looked to see if there were any stories about something strange being seen but thought ah well... a few days later I was in the car with the old man... he doesn't believe in shit like this or should say didn't.... and we were talking about it... well I was and he was going through all the things it could have been... and I was nah... none of those... and the main reason was because of the size of the lights from a distance... for me anyway.... just as we were about to turn into our street... for some reason...I guess i will never know why... other than it was supposed to be... I leaned forward and looked out above the car through the windscreen and there it was...right above us.... couldn't believe it... and said fuck me there it is... the old man looked and got that wholey fuck I don't want to believe you but what the fuck is that body language.... now this thing was at my estimate 20-30M above us ... and these five lights were the size of the side of a forty foot shipping container...five of them side by side.... and no light was emitted from them... they were lit up but no light wash.... anyway the old man is driving and looking at these lights... drove past our driveway whilst doing so and at the end of the street is a cul-de-sac where we had to turn... during this time we lost sight of it due to trees and when we got back to clear space it was gone....

    I looked at the old man and said that was it... there is no way that is a fucking helicopter or plane with lights strapped to the bottom of it.... he said nothing..My old man was not the sort of person to pressurize so I left it at...In my head t5hough I was saying. I know you saw that.. and I know you can see it is none of what you try to say it is.... years went by with him saying it could have been this or that.... It came out 10-15 years later that it absolutely freaked him out (My mum told me one day while we were all talking and as usual I went off on a tangent about superior beings).... because he... actually could not explain what he saw... not that he wanted me to know... In hindsight.... It was at that time where he stopped giving me so much shit about my insistence of superior beings. he did always poo poo my talk of that nature around others ...but never as much as he used to.... and it was more a little nudge to shut the fuck up.....