Welcome to ICOM, raselbd444!

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    Helllo, raselbd444

    I would like to welcome your ass to Mars. I'm straight from the 1940s and they call me the Ice Cream Man.

    Do you ever fool around? Are you hot? Never mind- I'm busy here. Lets just get this welcome crap out of the way, okay chief?

    Here's the rundown on the joint:

    1. Don't ever touch my privates. Even if I'm passed out. I'll hunt you down and place my boot up yer ass.
    2. if ya know what's good for ya's, maybe you could stop running your yap for two seconds and read these rules.

    Don't think you can just breeze in here with your big-city ways and pull a fast one on me. I know your type. I'm gonna be keeping my eye on you buster.


    watch your ass!