Pfizer stopped testing on animals because they kept dying?

  • Hold up just a second.

    Gina, do you see what spreading shit like that has done to poor old Soth here...

    All because I said the CDC changed their definition of "vaccination". I'll tell you like i told him, they did. you may not like it but they did. Any and all articles on it they call it "updating" or "narrowing" the definition but it was changed.

    I didnt make it personal until he did.

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    He hasn't been on since his last post. Interesting guy; maybe he'll come back.

    It's his life and time to spend as he wishes.

    he is and I like him a lot. I feel hurt if he took offense to me - and he told me 'enjoy your little bubble' and asked me if I noticed that it keeps shrinking. That kind of hurt me. I take that to mean my friends. As though I'm a problem and that's why my "bubble' is shrinking.

    I don't think I deserved that.

    I don't see what I said that was in any way anything personal against him or offensive to anyone.

  • I think "little bubble" refers to ICOM, not necessarily your total friend pool in RL.

    He's been around enough to know that no minds are ever changed in a BBS argument/discussion. Not here, not at FW, not at AH. Not anywhere.

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    I think he meant my bubble. ICOM is not losing anyone. I think he meant my online friends. Probably FW, which I decided to leave. That's how I took it anyway. I don't think that what I said warranted that kind of response. I was only stating my beliefs and not anything personal against anyone.

    But oh well.

  • "I didn't make it personal until he did."


    "I don't see what I said that was in any way anything personal against him or offensive to anyone."

    Sure. We can look at the isolated data points, but it misses the bigger context I'm getting at. No single straw is too much, but there's the proverbial one that breaks the equally proverbial camel's back. I concede that the context of this thread isn't nearly as "hostile" as the general context of FW, but given that he already left that environment, he had a low tolerance for it here at ICOM is my hypothesis.

    I offer this as my last bit of evidence for my hypothesis. I recalled him complaining about conspiracy theories in the past in these forums. So I did a quick search and this is the result:

    And these would only be the ones he actually used the word in his post.

    To the original point of this post, you are looking at the details. I'm looking at context and environment. In my opinion, he simply chooses not to be in an environment that he sees as supporting or spreading "conspiracies" or non-factual data. Whether you or I think any specific point is true or not is entirely beside the point if GS himself simply decided the last straw had been reached.

    I have no special insight into his mindset, just speaking from observation and trying to put myself into his shoes. You could try to do the same and see if you come up with a different conclusion. And if it makes you feel better to simply say, "GS is being unreasonable," so be it.

    This is my last offering on the topic: I hear there is an e-mail address required to register, maybe someone knows an admin or something that could just contact him directly and ask instead of some random guy playing mind reader.

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    I never even read most of that, but now that I'm reading it it seems like he is hostile and overly angry and taking things way to personally.

    Me, myself, I didn't even say anything in that thread that was in any way personal.

    So if he's angry with me then I don't give one fuck. I'm tired of people tossing me aside as though I'm nothing, or an asshole. That really sucks and I'm getting tired of it.

    My supposed best friend since the 4th grade dumped me after asking me why I didn't tell him about my change earlier. I told him it was because I was afraid that he would not want to be in the band anymore and that I would lose him as a friend.

    He wrote me this long letter assuring me that that would never happen. That he loved me and I would always be his friend. About a week later he was telling me he couldn't be in the band anymore because he's a minister. Then he stopped replying to any of my communications.

    He bought a hand made Les Paul that he made and a few months ago I emailed him about how I should go about making a repair - since he built it. He gave me a three word answer and was of no help at all.

    My dad never returns my texts or emails. He's nice enough to me when I stop by to see him, but he never calls me never seems to even think about me.

    So having real friends and family dump me makes me think I can handle this fucking asshole storming off.

    The people at work love me. People I meet like me. I'm not an asshole to anyone.

    So my conclusion is that if I'm not good enough for you, then you can go fuck off. Have a nice life.

  • I've never been one to avoid confrontation, online or in person. I do know though where the line between a healthy dialog and bitter argument is. When I cross that line it is intentional. With some people I will cross it, others I won't. That line has been shattered beyond repair at FW.

  • It's the most reasonable thing to do.

    My take is its your life and your walk. I'm secure in myself and my walk. I don't have to agree with you to support you. I don't need to understand you to support you. If I like you I support you.

    I'm not certain I want membership in a club with standards so low as to allow me membership.