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    Oh, I know.

    On top of the taxes California is pretty much driving oil refineries out of the state. Go figure.

    After I got gas this morning I was listening to the news. Every morning they'd been saying things like well it's another 13 cents overnight. Today they said it was like 17 or 18 cents overnight in the Los Angeles area and that it's probably going to go up another 60 cents before it peaks.

    Fuck! Gas prices are rising like 20 cents a day or something?

    This pump is more expensive than the sign out front. I guess they didn't have time to change because the price is rising so fast.

    Did I say it? fuck!

    Oh, I didn't realize that was the place. I don't see any video games on stage.

    Could you have them put up some kind of temporary barrier for you in the floor? Section it off? Doesn't even have to be more than a couple of feet high.'

    When I went to work this morning I couldn't find my car keys. I was looking all over.

    I had left my car unlocked as well. So I was looking under the seats and everything and then I tried to start it because it would sense it the key was near me and it wasn't.

    After about 10 minutes I found my keys sticking in the outside of my door to the trailer. Anybody could have just come in and stolen me!

    I had about a 15-hour day yesterday. I'm so tired right now. I'm heading home. Going to get some groceries, go home make some coffee take a little bit of my edible fly some aces high and go to bed.

    Man I was so tired yesterday. Working on this machine that was nothing but trouble up until 10:00 last night. It seemed like it was never going to end. Mentally I was starting to not be able to even think anymore.

    Is that the place where you have to stand off stage and sort of in the crowd on the dance floor?

    Would it work if they do move their video games off of the stage? Why won't they move them? Just temporarily for the show. A lot of venues do stuff like that. These the stage for something else until a band comes

    so anyways... they want us, they don't want to provide an adequate place to play, we are at an impasse, and somehow I'M the asshole.

    Who thinks you're the asshole that venue or the guys in the band?

    I wouldn't play on that stupid little stage. How do you even fit on a 6x6 stage?

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    And that old car and trailer can't even be that heavy can it?

    The wife has the same model and she had to replace hers as well. Screen was going black on and off, she had insurance too but I think hers was covered under warranty. I just got the S22 (non ultra) 2 weeks ago, so far so good. My S8 Active (I believe) was 5 years old and the battery just wouldn't hold a charge anymore. The sales girl said they don't make the active anymore because it was lasting too long, bastards...

    I really love the Galaxy phones. I did read that they had issues with missing pixels after I found mine to be missing. Actually I don't know if that's the correct term. It just shows up as a little green and red bright dots. Like maybe three of them. They're tiny but you can see it because they're so bright

    Got a replacement Galaxy S22 Plus Ultra today. The one I got just a couple months ago got a couple of dead pixels. Showed up as red and green dots.

    Glad I had the insurance.

    Today was a long day. Worked all day through on two printers for Yum Yum donuts HQ. I'm sore AF. Just got home and boy does it feel SO great to sit down. I made a big mug of coffee and took my progesterone bitch pill. That makes me sleepy.

    I went online to order my estrogen patches yesterday and they are out of every single type. That concerns me. I have a two month supply left. Even though I have insurance, I've always just ordered mine online to avoid all the hassles and hoops I've had to jump through. If they don't get these in soon I'll have to look up a doctor under Kaiser. Not looking forward to that, but I do not want to turn back into a pumpkin either , lol.