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    Fireworks are illegal here. At least anything that does anything other that glow. If it blows up or flies, it's banned.

    That being said, LA probably has more fireworks going off on the 4th than any place in the USA. BIG ones. It sucks.

    These assbites start weeks before. They set off crap all day and night year round really. One the 4th, all hell breaks loose.

    I recorded some of it last night for your listening pleasure!


    It might be that Elfie was accessing the forum from a non https link and then the https link. that would throw the cookie off

    This is what I'm doing, in case you are curious. These steps are after the forum was reinstalled and the database fixed.

    Migration via Command Line (CLI)#

    For forums with more than 250,000 posts, we recommend that you run the import on the command line rather than via the ACP.


    This article is intended for customers who run the software independently on their own server or web hosting.


    SSH access is required

    PHP extension must be installed as CLI variant on the server

    Ideally, Screen is also installed on the server (the process continues even if the internet connection is interrupted)

    An SSH client such as PuTTY or PuTTyTray is required ( respectively

    Starting the Import#

    Connect to the server via PuTTY and change to the installation directory of the WoltLab Suite installation. If GNU Screen is installed on your server, you can start the CLI import as follows: screen -S import php cli.php

    Alternatively, please use the command: php cli.php

    If you are using GNU Screen, you can always switch to the started session afterwards with screen -x import.

    Inputs in the Import Wizard#

    Username: Enter your username.

    Password: Enter your password.

    After successful login enter import.

    Select data source: Here will be asked what Importer you want to use. Enter the appropriate number.

    Import the selected data: Now the data is requested that we want to import. So we start with 1 for users and then say 0 for all. So we choose one by one.

    Behavior for colliding user acounts: Depending on whether it is a fresh install or already have users, they should be merged during Import.

    Database credentials:: Please enter the login information to the source database. These are available in the configuration file of the old forum (e.g.

    Table prefix: When importing from a Burning Board 3.x, the prefix is eg wbb1_1_, phpBB usually use phpbb_ etc.

    The correct table prefix can be looked up at any time in phpMyAdmin.

    Installation path: The absolute server path to the old forum must be entered here.

    Now the import starts. Depending on the server configuration and data size this may take a while.

    Rebuild Data#

    After you have finished the data import, you must rebuild the data. This can be done with the following commands in the CLI session:

    worker wcf\\system\\worker\\LikeRebuildDataWorker

    worker wbb\\system\\worker\\PostRebuildDataWorker

    worker wbb\\system\\worker\\ThreadRebuildDataWorker

    worker wbb\\system\\worker\\BoardRebuildDataWorker

    worker gallery\\system\\worker\\ThumbnailRebuildDataWorker (Only if the gallery is installed)

    worker gallery\\system\\worker\\AlbumRebuildDataWorker (Only if the gallery is installed)

    worker gallery\\system\\worker\\ImageRebuildDataWorker (Only if the gallery is installed)

    worker blog\\system\\worker\\BlogRebuildDataWorker (Only if the blog is installed)

    worker blog\\system\\worker\\BlogEntryRebuildDataWorker (Only if the blog is installed)

    worker calendar\\system\\worker\\EventRebuildDataWorker (Only if the calendar is installed)

    worker calendar\\system\\worker\\EventDateRebuildDataWorker (Only if the calendar is installed)

    worker filebase\\system\\worker\\FilebaseRebuildDataWorker (Only if the filebase is installed)

    worker filebase\\system\\worker\\FileVersionRebuildDataWorker (Only if the filebase is installed)

    worker filebase\\system\\worker\\FilebaseReviewRebuildDataWorker (Only if the filebase is installed)

    worker wcf\\system\\worker\\ConversationMessageRebuildDataWorker

    worker wcf\\system\\worker\\ConversationRebuildDataWorker

    worker wcf\\system\\worker\\PageRebuildDataWorker

    worker wcf\\system\\worker\\ArticleRebuildDataWorker

    worker wcf\\system\\worker\\PollRebuildDataWorker

    worker wcf\\system\\worker\\UserActivityPointUpdateEventsWorker

    worker wcf\\system\\worker\\UserRebuildDataWorker

    worker wcf\\system\\worker\\UserActivityPointItemsRebuildDataWorker

    worker wcf\\system\\worker\\AttachmentRebuildDataWorker

    worker wcf\\system\\worker\\MediaRebuildDataWorker

    worker wcf\\system\\worker\\StatDailyRebuildDataWorker

    worker wbb\\system\\worker\\PostSearchIndexRebuildDataWorker

    worker wcf\\system\\worker\\CommentRebuildDataWorker

    worker wcf\\system\\worker\\CommentResponseRebuildDataWorker

    worker wbb\\system\\worker\\ArticleThreadsRebuildDataWorker

    worker wcf\\system\\worker\\SitemapRebuildWorker

    This rebuild usually takes about as long as the import itself.

    But to make the comeback exciting, I'm going to put a big countdown timer - and count down 48 hours!

    Won't that be fun?