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    No. I have often thought I should get "just breathe" tattooed on my hand so I remember. I know what you mean about it feeling good to just breathe, stop and taking a cleansing breathe but sometime things get moving too fast.

    Good to see you!

    I avoid people being around me too close or too often. I need quiet and I need my space - even as a kid I was that way. I don't like distractions going on around me and I don't like things interrupting my thoughts.

    Of course, I can't always control any of that. I do work in the field as a technician. I do like people too.

    I would say that I am an introvert in many ways. I just prefer to be by myself most of the time. That's not to say that I'm shy or awkward though; people really do like me and I have a pretty great personality/sense of humor.

    I just like my time to myself. I enjoy simple things. I like to think and daydream. I'm always sort of in my own little world in my head. lol.

    The first time I had to fly after living as a woman, I was terrified. I had to fly to Illinois to attend a 3 day orientation/training for a new job. In fact, this was the first time I was going to be at a job as a woman - and leading up to getting that job, I had to do video interviews as a woman. I went on a few in person interviews too.

    That was only about two years ago. Looking back, I'm pretty amazed that I had the guts and the ability to get through all of that.

    Now I have a job I love. I started about a year ago and now I am the lead technician with about 40 technicians under me. Today I am going to be n a web meeting with the VP of operations.

    So not only am I making it as a woman, but I am doing really well. I'm very happy!

    To back up a little - I started m transition about 6 years ago. I hid the changes and only came out about three years ago, and I did drive Uber and Lyft as a woman back then.

    But the flying thing was not so bad. It does make me nervous, but I really do not fly often. Two times in three years.

    I sent two songs off to a pro drummer to get some real drums on them. The drummer is a friend of mine and was in my band a long time ago, then he went on to become a professional recording and touring drummer. He's been on many number one records and toured with major artists.

    I'm excited to see what he does with the songs.

    I love it too.

    thank you so much!

    I need to mix a few more, but I get so tied up. When I finally have the time I end up fiddling around and I start new ones or just don't follow through.

    I'm a total procrastinator.

    Love this song. Late night, laying in bed , in the dark. So relaxing.

    I saw that you said that the other day on MO's forum. Makes me feel good! It does have a kind of calm mood to it, doesn't it? I think the steel guitar part is my favorite thing about it.

    Thanks 52!

    Ok. I've been waiting since Sep. 24th 2019.

    And I'm the first to ask.

    Are you STILL working on making soap???

    Just curious.


    I did make ONE batch. lol. I liked it a lot. Smelled really great. I've just been so busy to get into it.

    Rubel added. “I’d rather think on nurturing people & protecting the planet (with math in service of them goals).”

    Sounds like a real genius. wtf?