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    He said he has reached back to where he was before that and is now wearing 32 inch waist sized pants. He is a little over 6'1"/ He is a happy camper.

    After finishing off the last of my vegies and carbs yesterday, I can start back on my Keto/Carnivore "diet" .
    Started today with a 180 gram gorgeous slice of Limousin calf liver and a couple of A-grade eggs.. The liver was cooked to perfection and I savoured every bite and just as I was about to put my fork in the last remaining piece, Mr Sufi came up to me to sniff it. So I sliced off the pan fried sides, cut it into smaller cubes and he lapped it up as though he hadn't eaten in a week lol.

    Good girl. Nice job. My son has lost 50 lbs. and went off a tad on Thanksgiving.

    nah. He's an real asshole and has written his own mom and dad and brother off sins the early 90s. His mom and dad died having never spoken with him again. He never will give in. Total asshole.

    So sorry, I have little comprehension of that kind of thinking? I have a cousin like that with her brother. Will have nothing to do with him ever since as a teen he ran away with her girl friend, married her , had children and then a succession of other wives and children. People change, they can grow and none of us are perfect or perhaps even considered decent? So far I have never done this so I do not understand it.

    Thanks Molly....I will revisit it..

    You are most welcome.

    Just an idea but I really miss the former format we had on here.

    Did GG tell you I went and met two members and a wife of one of them at Swabbies where GG, Eve and I had planned to go two years ago in Sept. 23rd.????????? My hubby and I did this and we had such a great time. I really liked all of them. I felt it was such an opportunity and it was especially nice because three weeks or so ago I just lost my friend from Michigan who had a site that I have been on for 18/19 years.

    Do you recall, the former ICOM would send emails an alert if someone responded or posted ? So cool.:love:clap If you haven't figured it out by now, I hate changes.

    Just a suggestion, Wayne. Too much inflammation is what triggers heart attacks And homo cysteine is associated with inflammation. You might look into P-5-P which is the most bio available form of vitamin B 6.

    After my son's wife had the stroke a few months ago I told him you guys have to drop your carbs as you consume mostly white bread carbs. He took it to heart and he and she went on this together and he is a big guy and has lost 48 lbs. and looks great and she has lost 20 something too. they are both pre or diabetic so this is really good for them and she is now making keto this and keto that; ja,s, jellies, applesauce, and so on. We have a keto bakery in Loomis but you have to order days before so they can make it to order.

    There was some speculation going around that PG&E wasn't cutting off power bc it started wildfire, but bc the high winds cut much of their capacity to deliver power. Wind turbines (renewable energy) make up so much of the power that when wind speeds are too high they kick out. So with the predicted winds

    above 55miles/hr turbines kick out,

    Our tow major wind origin energy comes from down below wherein they cut most power and also down on the desert by Palm Springs, way down? Where I live we had little to no winds and nothing even in low double digits.

    Sunday my son just told me he lost power for about 3 or 4 hours.