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    You can have high high LDL score and still be healthy as long as its ratio to HDL it balanced.
    The inflammation can be caused by several things (apart from insuline peaks) but what is most harmful are vegetable and seed oils.
    The latter, particularly so. Oxalates are naturally occurring in plants and seeds to discourage "being eaten" and consist of needle like shards that cause damage to arteries and digestive system. Not only can they cause the inflammation in arteries but can also lead to leaky gut syndrome, Chrohn's disease, sensitivity to gluten and other chronic ailments.

    Cholesterol is a very important substance in keeping every cell in your body healthy and responsible for the following functions.
    * BRAIN : crucial component of synapses and Myelin sheaths.
    * CELL MEMBRANE: Maintains their integrity, facilitates cell signalling, prevents ion leaks, protects against pathogens.
    * G.I TRACT : Serves as the structural foundation of bile salts, aids in digestion of fats.
    * Structural foundation of VITAL HORMONES: for Vitamin D, all the sex hormones, Testosterone, Eostrogen, etc and Cortisone
    * IN HDL:LDL :Protects the contents from oxidation, and GLYSATION damage during transportation to cells.
    * COMBATS INFLAMMATION :Acts as the body's fire brigade putting out inflammatory fires and helping repair damage.

    We've been (falsely) led to believe cholesterol is bad for us through some very dodgy studies mid last century of which the main (criminal) culprit was Ancel Keys. (IMHO responsible for as many premature deaths as Adolf Hitler :rolleyes:) read this quick summary
    He may as well have presented the following theory: Screen-Shot-2019-06-13-at-1.32.55-PM.png
    So not only did he cherry pick 7 countries out of the original 22 he started with. The countries with the highest rates of heart disease were also highest consumers of (nice and cheap) Margarine. (in his study wanted to show saturated fats from animal source as being the cause of heart disease) Not only did Keys cherry pick seven countries, he bypassed one of the most important scientific notions: correlation is not equal to causation. And results were based on "fats" in general (so not distinguishing between saturated, unsaturated or poly-unsaturated fats.

    Back to Cholesterol, it is sent to patch the damage caused by oxalates the create the "band-aid" Wayne mentioned.
    quick general reference of Vegetables Low in Oxalates : Cabbage, Paksoi, Brussel Sprouts, Lettuce, Cavalo Nero, Watercress, Lamb's ears (lettuce).
    High in Oxalates : Spinach, Beetroot, Swiss Chard, Potato, Sweet potato,Celery, Plantain, Rhubarb.
    ( also nearly all nuts are high in oxalates with Brazil and Macadamia nuts being the least harmful)

    wayne5 , please do not let your wife start on any type of statins any time soon ya hear!
    Great to hear she doing so well on the Keto diet and continuing to lose weight.
    Funny how we've both studied alternative diets in the past year. If you are worried about possible inflammation and subsequently
    having a heart attack or aneurysm etc perhaps your wife should go on carnivore diet to help heal any current damage and then reintroducing the Keto at a later date. (?) Going carnivore from Keto is very easy and still fewer carbs so you stay in Ketosis and also
    keep losing the weight. I have quite a lot of info on it so give me a shout if you're interested. I intend to make a thread on it in the future but could be a while before I get round to it ;-)



    Metabolic Syndrome = high levels of insuline in your blood. Constant high levels of insulin blood leads to chronic inflammation in the body

    Real cause of heart disease is : bread, sugar, breakfast cereals, pasta, vegetable oils, biscuits, cakes and often processed carbs and soft drinks etc.
    Causes: hearts disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, mental illness, perpetual inflammation, Ortheo Sclerosis, Diabetes etc
    * Protease inhibitors
    * Lectin
    * Phytoestrogens
    * Goitrogenic factors
    * Rachtogenic factors
    * Phytic Acid
    * Mycotoains
    * Allergens
    * Lipo oxidase
    Consumption of processed carbohydrates leads to permanent glucose overload.
    Glucose overload leads to over production of Insulin

    I'll get into the OMEGA 6 and OMEGA 3 tomorrow (or when I can) right now I need sleep badly..:bedtime

    Thank you so much Gina ! Didn't know it was that easy! blue flower
    Edit: I was just about to go back and replace those pics I posted but then realised your info vid still doesn't tell me how I post pics that are on my local hard drive.... which is where the ones I want to post are situated. ( I know it's possible to post them on FW)
    Any help is much appreciated .

    After your video was finished I noticed your song "Good day/something wrong" in the lineup and listened to it as well as watch it, occasionally pausing to admire and reflect on your transformation. Trying to comprehend what it might have been like for you to undergo.
    Looking at the old photo of you, and (I presume) you siblings (?) Is the blonde woman in the middle your sister? (Janice? is she really now the gf of lazs? lol, yes I am curious) Are you in contact with your brothers? Oh and is the man with the grey hair in the office building your Dad ? and if so who is the the chubby bald man in the café ? ^^ I could go on, I'm so curious!!
    Anyway, I think you did pretty damn well on your journey to get where you are now and I admire your bravery <3

    :crab Oh I know wayne5 , I mean, just the other day I had this brainfart "wouldn't it be nice if GG lived closer and could pop over to mine for a good meal and a laugh" but then I remember her critters and trail of scabs and imagine them infesting Mr Sufi, my bed and frankly, myself and breathe a sigh of relief about the many miles and seas between us.... ^^
    I missed you too Wayne :love:

    I glad to read you are aware of the fat soluble vitamins and the importance of balancing them for them to be absorbed and not cancel each other out. Same with calcium, zinc and magnesium absorption. You have to be really careful when taking supplements for they are capable of doing real damage if afore mentioned balance is lacking. Whenever I've watched one of the very many educational videos on this subject I'm appalled by how little we are taught about diet at school, or how little physicians (general medical practitioners) are required to know about nutrition and practise medecine..

    I'll have to make a thread about the "Carnivore Diet" I went on and cured my depression with earlier this year as well as improve symptoms of some chronic ailments I had suffered from.
    I'm convinced, since I quit and started re-introducing carbs and vegies in the past couple of months has seen my mood
    start to go down again, so I plan to get on a Keto-genic diet before possibly going back to carnivore if necessary....

    One thing has become very clear..... The vegan diet is the NWO "Extinction DIET" !! :pirate  
    ( I studied it for months in the hope of arming myself with knowledge to help convince an autistic vegan forum member I know who is very ill after going vegan 6 years ago, to please, please start eating animal proteins and fats again. Unfortunately he is too stubborn and will likely go on waiting list to have stem-cell transplant in his bone marrow soon :-( )

    Sippy I changed my avatar and as you can see this crazy bitch really takes the biscuit when it comes to expressing her complete alienation from the human race.

    My old best friend in Australia got a huge Japanese style dragon on her back when we were 19. She sent me a pic of it as I'd gone back to living in Holland. She had a cute little blue sickle moon on one arm and a little sun on the other before getting the huge dragon so I was shocked!! I too wondered how the hell she was going to gain employment what, with her bright coloured hairdo's en lip and nose piercing.

    Many years later I learned from a mutual friend she had actually become a manager in very large and famous fashion clothing store and was quite the "business woman" ...

    Sadly we lost touch but I was wondering last week about how she'd look by now ? at 52? lol, I guess her being quite petit might help?

    I have no tats and only a few piercing in ear lobes. I am unique hihihi.

    I have pics of this really full on pierced and tattoo'd couple that I want to upload here but can't.... I know I need it upload it to some Photo site and place the url link but my usual address ,Tinypic (was owned by photobucket) has quit their site. I can't think of another free site to upload to. Anyone know of one? I can change my own pic to one of them temporarily in the mean time ..

    Yess!! katya , you get a big kiss and hug from me for helping the kitties!! :*:*:* ((HUG)) <3:clap:clap:clap:love:

    There's not many strays where I live as it is a more "well to do" part of town. During summer nights I'll occasionally be aware of some horny kitties doing their thang in the gardens behind my house.

    Ten years ago I came across a young male :kitty who followed me to my front door after I'd patted him, home from a late night out.
    As my cat was staying in my Mum's place where I spent most days (looking after sick Mum and bro) I invited him in. He casually went up the stairs and after a cuddle he rolled himself up on the foot-end of my bed, he was so cute. His face was mostly black but exactly his chin and jaw were white. I'll never forget how my Mum laughed when I told her the next day, I'd cheated on my Happy with an unknown cat. <3 I only saw him a few more times after that and feared he must have gotten run over by a car or something :-( but I prefer to think the students who owned him re-homed him ...

    You are completely deluded. When I read this article today it made me think you'd probably say this woman and her daughter would still be alive if only she'd been more compassionate...…throat-hangs-himself.html

    Your reading comprehension is obviously lacking as I've stated, although in not as many words that being compassionate and understanding towards the stalker is what made him become obsessed with me in the first place...

    And to not take everything so seriously.

    lol! Again, try saying that after some nut-job has threatened your life multiple times over many years, beaten the crap out of you and made your life hell !! You have no clue! You're most definitely the last person I'd take advice from..

    From what I have come to learn........... all interpersonal issues are merely just misunderstandings.

    So my stalker is just misunderstood? He really loves me and it makes him want to lash out without having said a word and punch my in the face six times before kicking me in the guts and smashing my head against a concrete pillar in the middle of the night??? Yeah right!!:ballin The guy is sick, hears voices in his head that make him do and say things no healthy human being would think of so communication is impossible, like uhm you get that?

    Again, I was on GLP some years and met some cool people (a couple of whom I've met IRL) and have also been stabbed in the back by some who pretended to be friends.. been caught up in some very dark and dangerous scenarios where I've had to save a friend who was catfished. It even happened to me. Some people there really hurt me bad and I wouldn't go there even if you paid me..

    End of, bye!

    I'm really sorry to hear about you and your Dad's relationship Gina, this sucks so bad and must really hurt.
    I had really hoped (like yourself) your relationship would improve after you left his company but it seems like he's just too wrapped up in his own affairs to even consider your predicament..
    I get the impression he uses Veronica to manipulate you, very unfair. With her in the middle, there's little chance of you and Veronica getting along any time soon imo.
    As for the whole rent situation.... pffff where to start?? No wonder you are desperate to earn a decent wage and get your own place!!
    The insecurity must eat away in back of your mind constantly, his latest drunken outburst not helping either. To protect yourself, I wouldn't count on him leaving the place to you when he dies, just do not expect anything. The fact he didn't keep his word and put the trailer in your name suggests it is only a way to keep a hold over you. You say he has no need for it but maybe he's scared he'll lose his business and own home, so might need the trailer in a "worst case" scenario "security back-up?... I don't know, I can't even imagine having such a parent...
    What I do know is it is no laughing matter and saying "don't take it too seriously" is easy for people not in your situation.

    Anyway sugar tits, I know your are a very proud individual and rarely complain despite having a rough time of it lately but maybe there's a way to make your Dad gain more insight without you feeling you're asking anything from him necessarily, but just get a clearer sense of what you are going through. Communication between you (or lack thereof) would need to change but how to facilitate that change?
    He is going to die one of these days so preferably sooner than later. So often one of either party needs to be in a life threatening situation before the eyes and ears are opened, sadly.
    Needless to say I don't wish you or him any harm but know what it's like when a parent dies and you didn't get to say all the things that needed saying..
    Maybe you'll consider just writing him a letter expressing everything in a calm and clear manner, whether you end up giving it to him or not?
    In any case I'd avoid him entirely when he's drunk dear.
    ((hug)) :*

    Did he "love" you, also?

    What happened during those 20 years?

    I saw some guy in the train today who looked a lot like him and instantly the hair on the back of neck stood up... even just the thought of seeing his fucking face ever again creeps me out.

    What happened? Apart from ringing on my door bell every hour of the day or night to the point I disconnected the wires, he beat the crap out of me, he went to my father's home (I had no contact with my father at the time) and threatened him.
    There was never any relationship or "love", he was just obsessed with me.. Finally after about 6 years the police notified me he'd been locked up in a mental institution after he'd beaten the shit out of another girl (victim). She actually came to visit my house to ask about my experience with him (before it happened) and I tried to warn her.
    Nowadays, he'll turn up a couple of times a year, ring my doorbell looking totally psycho and obviously inebriated. (I have a camera on my intercom system now) I do not react, in fact I do not use the rooms at the front of my home so I can pretend not to be home. Can you imagine not using half your house for over 10 years because some cunt has it in for you?
    And all because I tried to help him once because the people he lived with were a bad influence, giving him drugs, knowing full well it fucked with his Schizophrenia medication. I encouraged him to take it, instead of the coke and marijuana his housemates were giving him so they could have a good laugh...
    He could have been a world famous classical pianist, he was genius, like really insanely good pianist.
    I met him when I was a sound engineer and had to record him.
    Oh almost forgot how he made my working as a live music engineer a hell, by turning up staring at me until I had him thrown out every other fucking week..
    There's just too much to contemplate even writing about everything he did.To be honest, I wouldn't know where to start.
    I was once sympathetic, believing he was just ill and needed help. He has ruined part of my life and changed my personality and the way I approach people, or rather avoid them... very sad.

    I do not know your story or history or your connection with this Australian woman but the way you are obsessed (obviously), your thoughts and actions, reminds me of my stalker.
    Your "love" is not realistic in any way, shape or form, that much is clear and I sincerely hope you choose to leave the woman alone, for her sake and your own. If you really care about her, you'll let her go. You can not force anyone into loving you.

    Oh btw, I do not click on link to GLP (haven't for over 2 years) because the energy there is sick.:sick

    They aren't too bad actually, thought they'd be way worse! Well the first one is a bit of a shocker haha.
    I've forwarded them on to someone who's going to Australia next month ( the critters one in particular)

    While this guy sings cover medley it's very Australian. This is Norman Gunston a 2 bit comic/actor who
    came from the town I first lived when we emigrated and appeared on telly regularly.
    I actually own a K-tel lp with all serious hits of the time (mostly American/British hits of 1976)

    Also this band on the K-Tel LP (Sky Hooks) but different song but I like the intro to it.