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    Don't forget XXX and XYX and YYX and YY and the over 700,000 people in the US that were born sexually ambiguous (The doctor didn't know what gender to put on the birth cert. at birth.) Hard to get a real number because these people hide their personal history, but of the recorded cases its about 2 out of every 1000 births.

    AND YOU ARE REAL TO ME GG! I have always said you are just a female soul born in the wrong body. So.....if you "know you are not" I will know for you.


    I have heard versions of this before. About a box on the moon where souls are kept.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” was a phrase made popular by Carl Sagan who reworded Laplace's principle, which says that “the weight of evidence for an extraordinary claim must be proportioned to its strangeness” (Gillispie et al., 1999).Jun 10, 2011

    I found this article in the current copy of Christianity Today.


    Is there a better word to describe Christians who hold to the authority of the Bible in all matters of faith and practice?

    Perhaps it is time for a new plural to capture the self-understanding of Christians, a different noun that embraces all believers and followers of Jesus, to which all evangelical theologies and denominations would belong comfortably. Can a fresh plural noun free us from negative typecasting in our cultural climate?

    May I recommend a word to which evangelicals can’t say no if we are serious as Christians and still want to make sense of (and to) the world in which we live—all while reaching people with Jesus’ eternally saving message? A noun against which it is hard to push back while we press on to consistency in belief and authenticity of behavior?

    Having celebrated the 500th season of the Reformation not too long ago, in the tradition of Luther, a man who did not possess the authority but sensed the responsibility to challenge prevalent theological sensibilities, how about a new noun? Place me among the biblicals.



    The "Biblicals".....the new name of Evangelicals. I refer to the Civil War a lot because its a pivotal moment for American Christianity. It is the time when the Bible was used to prove that slavery is right and good and necessary. I have read the proofs of this by southern biblical scholars and It was really pretty good. It was the "proof" they put fourth that made me realize that conservative exegesis is bankrupt. I was stuck, I had to believe in slavery or I had to believe that something was very wrong with the Bible. It turned out that it wasn't the Bible at fault, it was the teaching of conservative Christianity. This perverted teaching was hard for even a lot of people in the south to swallow. The Southern Baptist pastors, trying to stem rebellion against the teaching of slavery invented a new term, "the enerrancy of the scriptures".

    Biblical inerrancy is the belief that the Bible "is without error or fault in all its teaching";[1] or, at least, that "Scripture in the original manuscripts does not affirm anything that is contrary to fact".[2] Some equate inerrancy with biblical infallibility; others do not.[3][4] The belief is of particular significance within parts of evangelicalism, where it is formulated in the "Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy".

    These pastors told their flock that anyone that tried to convince they that slavery was wrong didn't believe in the "inerrancy of the Bible". "Don't listen to anything they say!"

    Those trying to change their name to the Biblicals are cut from the same cloth of those Southern Baptist pastors of the Civil War.

    There are a lot of really shocking elements in Evangelicalism. Evangelicals are made up of Roman Catholics and Southern Baptist and some other Protestant groups but mostly they are the RCs and the SBs. Both would except the title Biblicals but for different reasons. The SBs want to take the New Testament and put it in concrete never to be changed while the RCs think the New Testament is still being written by the Pope and the Cardinals. Why would these groups ever become so close? In my opinion its POWER, they both want the power to force people, by law, to behave in accordance to their interpretation of the New Testament. And THAT is the foundation of the belief of the Christian Nationalist movement. Christian Nationalism is, in my opinion, just another white supremacist group.

    I could go on forever but I won't. So think about these words.


    I know a lot of people don't like Politico but this article tells the story so well I couldn't do better. It talks about the prophetic people in the churches having to come to grips with their utter failure to predict the outcome of the election and their continued failure to own up to that failure. Kenneth Copeland is the worst. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church Dallas at least to his credit, and he doesn't deserve much credit, came out early declaring the election to be legitimate.

    This is not a left or right issue. Any country with any system of government can work for its people given one important thing. The vast majority (much more than 50%) must be moral, good, people. Without that the country is doomed to decent into chaos.

    If you have time, this article is worth reading. It is sad to me and reading was not pleasant. The article shows Church leaders are, to this day, clueless about what God wants, has to say, or anything about Him. They have no humility except for a few and even they blame the people they lead for "not praying hard enough".

    After the Civil War Christianity in the American south was at an all time low because the Church leaders had told their people that "God is on your side. You are going to win this war. Black slavery is God's plan for mankind." It only took till 1996 for the Southern Baptist to apologize for their behavior during this time in history.

    Here it is, give it a read.…election-fantasies-469598

    Sooooo much!

    Trump didn't demand but he did strongly supported $2000 stimulus checks. So one side wants to give us $1400 and the other side doesn't. I go with the $1400 side. No brainer.

    Next pet projects are someone's new job.


    Oil is king in Texas....I live here. The Keystone pipeline only has one purpose, to get Canadian oil to foreign markets. If they can do that they won't have to sell it at a low price to us. We are the biggest buyer of Canadian oil. Its wonderful for them. They get a higher price for their oil AND if there is a pipeline leak its not on Canadian soil. Why didn't they just run the pipeline across Canada to the ocean? Because Canadians didn't want the pipeline on their soil.

    Jobs lost? The price of oil effects job loss. The trigger for the 2008 recession was oil prices. But lets look at it....If Canada had routed the pipeline across the country they would have gotten those jobs. Why didn't they want all those jobs?

    You think Biden is a snake, well you might be surprised to know that the extreme left agrees with you. They think he sold out when he went along with $1400 instead of $2000 that Trump proposed. They are still uneasy about his talking about

    bi-parasitism. I listen to they because they make some sense some times. I don't listen to the extreme right because they are so nasty and hard to listen to.

    It was click bait. They know how to get the attention of "their people". However I think the claim that we are living in an Orwellian time was funny. They have never read "1984". We can turn off the cameras any time we want.

    Most of the hard core nuts have been deplatformed. When I searched for Qanon all I got was debunk videos.

    Didn't all the crap you wrote about Biden come from the Q? For all you know he's the real deal, exactly what he appears to be. A guy that sacrificed a lot for America instead of Trump who just took a lot and gave back $970 in taxes.

    why? Thats my money that they took from me.

    It's not their money. It's my money.

    Actually its borrowed money they borrowed for you. Why should you send it back? Because you don't want to look like you are hypocritical.... I mean the Republicans are all millionaires but they are afraid you will get too much so they don't want to give you $1400, they think the $600 was enough. (Actually they didn't want to give you $600 dollars until they realized they would be blamed for what would happen if they didn't.) So you are Conservative Republican until the Democrats wave a little Socialism in your face. Fanny told me "When you tell people what will happen and it happens you should rub their nose in it." I didn't agree at the time....but she was right.

    That's a very interesting stack, 52. Some I know. Some Are not for me mostly because of my age like iron and calcium. I take a B complex and eat a lot of red meat. Some of your choices are nootropics, stuff for brain health.

    It will take me a while to look them all up.


    I will always be thankful for Fanny and her leading me into the Keto stuff. She changed my life for the good.