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    Yeah, well,

    Gotta wonder how a real evil genius would approach the whole deal...

    Maybe conjure up a completely harmless, bullshit pretense to guage just how gullible and obedient a population might be.

    Once it's established who can be counted on to deliver unquestioning loyalty to the party line, unleash a truly catastrophic disease that will run rampant through those proven undesirable by refusing to be manipulated.

    End result? A constituency cleansed of dangerous subversives and eager for salvation....


    If that's $499 aud I might forgive the 70/80 and the lack of an included footswitch. But I think I'd still want a reverb tank.

    There's not much in the affordable end of the market. If they prove to be reliable they might be on to something.

    Yeah well,

    I foresee something of a shift towards rural living. If you don't HAVE to be tethered to a workplace or otherwise tied down, why not find somewhere better?

    We've had fiber optic internet installed at our Ky. property so the wife can login there. And except for their monthly office day, she can stay at the camp as long as she pleases.

    Yeah, well,

    Anywhere you go on this earth, if the native population consists of little brown skinned, black haired, brown eyed aborigines, there's going to be some degree of resentment. It's only natural.

    Learn to tip. You'll be amazed how well they behave.

    Yeah well,

    Pretty sure poor folks don't pay taxes. Seems they can even get more back than they put in...for no apparent reason.

    Seems pretty favorable to me.

    Yeah well,

    It's an almost ubiquitous reaction apparently. Most leo's never pull the trigger. The few that do only do it one time.

    They're really no different than a civilian in that respect


    Just walked away from 10 acres with a 3/2 brick house, big barn and another implement shed. 50 years of timber as well. Along with the coolest driveway ..

    Last bid was 140k. Didn't meet reserve.

    It'll probably list and hopefully sit..if it languishes maybe I'll make a lowball overture..

    We don't need it but....did I mention that driveway?

    Yeah well,

    Installs that aren't user serviceable either by design or choice should be locked up. These days it's so easy it should be code.

    Yeah well,

    Speakers may be the most influential of all the components one can commonly change out on an amp. Most of the other mods can only be appreciated in an "A/B" least for me.

    Bought a Peavey head some time ago and threw it on a cheap jensen loaded cab for the rehearsal least it was plenty loud. Then I stumbled upon the matching Sheffield cab...then it's a slightly peaveyish 800. Even has a 6db. footswitchable boost...for under $600.

    As happy as I am with the 1960s, the texture of a 610 just seems to feel right. Using both is just terminally self indulgent. But one can always hope. It'd be fun to wire up a wall of sound and go seismic.

    Haven't seen one in the wild yet but the message boards seem to like them. So far, they seem to be reliable. Which is the main feature most folks desire when dropping Marshall or better money.

    I'm pretty much a DSL/G12-75 guy myself. But many years ago I found 10" speakers, applied liberally, are the sweet spot. It just depends on the room. Sound guys freak when they see the Sunns. But they typically comment positively on their performance.