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    Yeah, well,

    The only rational approach is to try them out. Find something that makes you happy and go from there. The only folks I know that only own 1 instrument are folks that don't play.

    There's too much out there these days to assume you're gonna research yourself into the perfect instrument.

    I have a decent locker that I've accumulated over some time and one of my favorite players is a $100 mail order Dean...

    The only guitar I've ever sold, because I kinda hated it, was an old Norlin Gold Top standard. Beautiful instrument with all the right specs....hated it. But I bought it for an immorally low figure. So I did profit.

    One just never knows. Just gotta spend some time in the field.

    Yeah, well,

    Maybe a more fitting tribute would be a return to the build quality and reliability of earlier models.

    Pretty sure old Jim wouldn't give a thin shit for a $1500 1-12.

    Pretty, though.


    Just a friendly reminder.

    There's a couple of industries where the title "sales" can be especially problematic.

    Medicine, investments,...home improvement. It can be a challenge, but it's best if the guy you're dealing with has the same name that's on the outfit's license.

    Carry on.

    Yeah well,

    Good luck. I've lost just about every drop of theory I mastered (sorta) in elementary school.

    If you don't use it....

    Or maybe that's what distinguishes the prodigy from the poser.

    Maybe too much boojy woojy rots the brain..

    if you ran a fever and had mild respiratory complaints, you may have contracted coronavirus as it's merely a variant of the common cold.

    Otherwise you were misdiagnosed or just milking the system.

    Since everyone knows there's no cure for a common cold, it's difficult to imagine someone voluntarily taking some nigger rigged snake oil into their system.

    But they did. And, for the moment, they walk among us. Guess all one can hope for is that the worst is over for them but something tells me thats a clear case of excessive optimism.

    Time will tell.

    Yeah well,

    I'm a bit confused about what all the drama's about.

    I've always assumed light beer was brewed specifically for broads and fags. Seems like they should advertise to their primary demo.

    Yeah, well,

    I think it's key to distinguish a remaster from a re-mix. These days it's possible to slice and dice a recording so surgically that the lines can get blurry. But as a rule, remastering will not include any extra source material in the mix. Of course, once any other audio is added and mixed, the resulting recording will then require it's own master but that's not my point.

    It's a process that not only polishes the sound but makes the recording able to be produced in the format of choice along with adding data that playback devices will employ. Usually pretty subtle stuff. Most remasters are the result of someone feeling the original can benefit from a new set of ears and gear. Unfortunately many overdo it in hopes of making the new product stand out from the original..often leading to disappointing results.

    Buttons are not toys.

    Yeah well,

    Some records really benefit from another pass through a mastering room. But the term seems to have taken on a more nebulous definition.

    Often, it seems like some new e.q. and dynamics are all that's done. I guess, like all productions, it's about budget. But with access to quality pre-masters, a lot if old records can polish up significantly.

    Just depends.

    Yeah well,

    It's like teaching dogs to use a toilet.

    Fewer than 1 in a million will ever achieve the desired result. And among those that do, none will master the task like a human, nor will they ever truly grasp the implications of success.

    And, of course, it's unkind to expect them to perform at any level. It's not what God intended of them.

    Yeah, well,

    Getting started usually means a period of paper trading just to get the mechanics down.

    Then one should have a real heart to heart with their checkbook to map out risk tolerance as pessimistically as prudent.

    Used to be most brokers made futures and forex accounts prove their moxie before allowing access.

    It's not an inexpensive skillset to acquire.

    Yeah well,

    I took my first lessons on an Alvarez Spanish. Switched to pianer but kept the guitar. No idea what happened to it.

    Charcoal briquettes are compressed. Pretty sure that's the innovation that made Kingsford...or whomever.

    I vaguely recall it was originally intended for the iron industry.

    Don't quote me.