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    The wife has the same model and she had to replace hers as well. Screen was going black on and off, she had insurance too but I think hers was covered under warranty. I just got the S22 (non ultra) 2 weeks ago, so far so good. My S8 Active (I believe) was 5 years old and the battery just wouldn't hold a charge anymore. The sales girl said they don't make the active anymore because it was lasting too long, bastards...

    Towing will always be the biggest drawback. I'm wondering how Tesla is getting around that on their semi. I'm thinking maybe they are integrating battery packs on the trailer itself.

    Is it just where I live or do any of you guys have dip shits walking around and jackets and hoodies with their hoods on when it's 100 fucking degrees outside?

    I have one that works for me and my kid was one of those. I believe for my kid it was to hide his face because he had pretty bad acne. The guy that works for me, I have no clue. But it will be in the 80's and he will be working hard, maybe he's trying to lose weight.

    I'm also a hoodie guy, but only about 8 months of the year.

    Those are some skinny looking bears! Don't they fed them good down there?

    Well we did. He was just standing there looking up at us so i figured others had already been feeding them. So i tossed a doughnut of the deck and the bear actually jumped for it. So we threw a few more down to it and it hung around about 20 minutes. Then went to the neighbors and stared up at them till they threw it some carrots.

    Random pet pic. My English choc lab females, one is a duck hunter, the younger 2 year old has been trained but not been out yet. Hopefully this fall.

    Caliber and June Bug.


    Holy shit, Sportscunt lives!

    Good to see you, was worried maybe you left this world.

    That's so cool! Cute!

    What part of Tennessee? That's beautiful

    We're in Sevierville, just outside of Pigeon Forge. It was 84 degrees when we got here and about 70 this morning. Absolutely beautiful but some of these roads are treacherous.

    It's beautiful down here. If it weren't for the radioactive squirrels (Lord Soth knows) I might just move here someday.

    Last night we had 7 different black bears roaming around.

    Speaking of corporate fuckery... did you know there's now a thing called a "mouse jiggler"? It's a little stand you put your mouse on that generates random cursor movements to trick corporate busybody software into thinking you're in front of your computer. For work at home people. Because corporate fuckwads can't stand the idea that you might be doing a load of laundry on THEIR time. Next they'll want your webcam active at all times.

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