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    Dry fire tools like that are invaluable IMO. 3/4 or more of your trigger presses while training should be dry fire drills. Any type of gadget/whatever that helps with training while dry firing is worth it if it works for you.

    I shattered it a couple weeks back. Posted pics of the xrays of before/after on your other forum. 6 breaks in the tibia and fibula, 7 incisions (140 staples came out recently), a new- tech rod and plates, 15 screws, 4 nails, etc etc used to put humpty dumpty back together again. It sucked, and I can't bear weight on it for another month or two (more likely 2 surgeon has said). So, crutches and/or wheelchair until xmas-ish time. Sucks balls.

    how much do you think semp bilks that poor neighbor lady for driving her car, washing her son's car and getting her groceries?

    I'm guessing that the guy just uses the car and her when he wants and does very little if any "work" for her. He's a mooch and a user. Just goes to the bar and uses her car when he wants to.

    Probably doesn't even have a license. I can't imagine he hasn't been arrested for multiple DUI's

    I'm 99% positive that Semp has posted he has had DUIs before, I'll do some forum searches over there later (bored and stuck in bed with my busted leg up in the air).

    X2 etc for Geiselle. "Guys-Lee" triggers have never let me down, very, very reliable, and they are difficult to beat in terms of quality of the press they'll give you. I have one of their national match triggers in one of my 308 AR rifles, and the adjustability is great. Use their flat trigger models (they have a bunch of options there) in my 556 rifles. I've been using their triggers for 20 years now, it was circa 2003 when I dropped in my first one in a DPMS Panther 308 stainless HBAR rifle back when my company was the national distributor for DPMS up here. Great, great trigger (and rifle for the $, it shot darts).

    Putin won't go down easy. He'll go out with a big bang. Either from a gun to his head by his generals or with an exchange of nukes.

    Somebody almost got him last week, car bomb blew off the front left of his armored vehicle - had they used more explosives, or a more powerful type of charge, Putin would be gonzo.

    I would never kill anyone if it wasn't absolutely convenient. If there is a hell maybe I have enough points for a position in middle management. After all, my people's idea of heaven is a stag party where the meed keeps flowing and everyone fights and kills and gets killed, only to rise again to drink and feast and fight. Forever.

    Jokes aside... 12 weeks seems reasonable. That's the law here.

    The 24 weeks where the leftist have declared a fetus now viable here is crazy IMO. Seeing what a fetus looks like at 24 weeks, and imagining nurses/doctors pulling that apart and then tossing it in the garbage is disgusting.

    My grandfather said similar things, and that was 20 years ago prior to his death. Look at how far we've fallen since then. Sad.…wn-says-country-we-fought

    Much of what American soldiers fought for in World War II has "gone down the drain," according to U.S. Marine Carl Spurlin Dekel, who celebrated his 100th birthday last week.

    Dekel says serving his country in WWII was the most important thing he ever did, according to Fox 13. The veteran and Silver Star holder says he wouldn't hesitate to put his life on the line again, but regrets that the U.S. has slipped away from what he remembers.

    "People don’t realize what they have," Dekel told the outlet. "The things we did and the things we fought for and the boys that died for it, it’s all gone down the drain."

    "We haven’t got the country we had when I was raised, not at all," he says. "Nobody will have the fun I had. Nobody will have the opportunity I had. It’s just not the same and that’s not what our boys, that’s not what they died for."



    Dekel's statements came the same day the U.S. lost the last surviving Medal of Honor recipient from WWII. Hershel "Woody" Williams died Wednesday at 98 years old, surrounded by his family at a hospital named after him in his home state of West Virginia.

    Williams, also a U.S. Marine, received his medal for heroism from former President Harry Truman during the battle of Iwo Jima in 1945.

    U.S. Marine Carl Dekel celebrated his 100th birthday on June 29th.

    U.S. Marine Carl Dekel celebrated his 100th birthday on June 29th.

    America's 63 living Medal of Honor recipients honored Williams in a statement to Fox News Digital.

    "Friends and family of Woody Williams knew him as a West Virginia farmer’s son and the youngest of 11 children who dutifully supported his family after his father died," they wrote in a statement through the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. "Fellow Marines knew him as the corporal who volunteered for a mission on Iwo Jima to clear a lane through enemy pillboxes that were destroying American tanks."

    "Veterans in West Virginia knew him as their advocate through his work as a Veterans Service Representative. Gold Star families knew Woody through his work raising money for scholarships and other programs through the Woody Williams Foundation," they continued. "We, his fellow Medal of Honor Recipients, knew him as our friend and one of our heroes. We will miss him greatly."


    Williams echoed Dekel's sentiment of loss during an interview on Memorial Day, remarking to local media that he hoped to see a resurgence of patriotism in the U.S.

    "I’ve been at this probably 25 to 30 times, but I believe today we had more honor wreaths than we’ve ever had before, and that’s encouraging," Williams told WSAZ during a veterans' event. "It gives me encouragement that we’re coming back and that we will again be that United States of America that had so much patriotism and love of country."

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    I'll take some pics of our current car/truck later - have a ZR2 and a Lexus LC500 right now, shortly going to sell the LC500 (bought out the lease semi-recently), and then move into something else for the rest of this summer. Lots of rain in Calgary, like the entire last month, and in Saskatchewan it's not been great weather either, which sucks for summer car driving.

    We had our GTR for years (we as in the missus, her car), I had the Viper for a couple years, both are gone now. My short cab lifted GM truck was probably my favorite truck, more so even than our ZR2 which I really like. My Vette was fast, but a fairly flimsily built car that gen/year, but still a fun car while I had it.

    Gsholz has nice taste in cars, love all 3 of those. Redwing, I've long toyed with getting a 4 door Jeep like that, and doing something very similar with some light mods, to have a summer top off/doors off vehicle to bomb around in. I had 3 TJs with the x wife, and then 2008/10 Wranglers, and always loved summer with the roof off and sitting in the garage. I like the Broncos, but WAY too many engines grenading for me to consider them, plus we have a family connection at the local Dodge/Jeep dealer.





    I think sawing off legs, arms, head, etc from a defenseless human - even if you want to label it a potential human - is beyond barbaric.

    That said, if there was an argument FOR abortion, IMO it is this - most of the woman getting abortions are of the left leaning variety. Having less children that will be indoctrinated as leftist isn't necessarily a terrible thing. That's just the argument, I'd never support it, and think that those who kill children - even potential children - will be in for a world of shit when they stand before our creator and try to explain why they committed these atrocities in the name of convenience.

    NATO is already in the fight. I can tell you with 100% certainty that our SF JTF2 and CSOR soldiers are in and have been in the Ukraine for some time now. They may not be close to the FEBAs, but they ARE in country. It's not exactly a secret right now, considering a large portion of the unit has been AFK for weeks, and the family members/friends tend to talk, despite the rules to the contrary. The media already knows, and has bombarded our defense minister about it, and she's just doing the no comment deal atm.

    I do agree though with posts above, it'll greatly widen the conflict if NATO chooses to "officially" enter the war, and engage in operations directly against Belarus/Russian forces. That'll be bad news bears on so many fronts. The market will collapse IMO, inflation will be 100x worse than it already is, etc etc. Bad. And that's not even looking at the military/nuclear issues...I didn't think I'd live long enough to see this all unfolding, and I'm not real happy about it to be frank.

    I have the lead situation covered myself too, I have over 100k in just .22 alone, and more 556/762/handgun than I'd ever need myself. If we still have rifles to shoot it with is another matter, but I'm confident that a gov change here will happen shortly and reverse any new firearm law stupidity. That and I have transferred most of my affected assets to our companies list, and we have exemptions and a destructive device permit for military and l/e testing. I won't be able to use them anywhere by our 1 range, which sucks, but at least I won't lose them in the interim.

    GG, if I'm down there I'll set you up, Toad gave you good advice, you really should have something even if it never leaves your home. If you have time a day of professional training can make a huge difference in your capability and confidence level as well. I'm sure we could find a local range that would accommodate that.

    Ammunition would be as great a commodity as silver/gold in a disruption - arguably better IMO - same with h20 and certain types of food stuffs. Medical as well. So if you seriously consider accepting a firearm GG, putting some of your $ into ammunition/water/food is a good option too IMO, in terms of long term value added items.

    I wouldn't wrap your mind around a fire that much - you've survived this long without one, and the odds are extremely low you'll have one. There are safes that have been proven to keep cash from igniting (there are YT videos of this being tested, I'll find some and link them later).

    GG. keep that cash! Get a really good small fireproof safe, and then keep your cash bills in a fireproof bill folder inside the fireproof safe. These days and in this world environment where so many things could cause a power/banking disruption where you can't use your cards at all for purchase or withdrawals, having currency is of paramount importance. I'd consider getting some silver and/or gold using some of that cash GG, as if there is even a temporary disruption, paper cash will quickly become useless after a week or two. You can ALWAYS trade silver/gold. Or ammunition - on that note, did you ever get a firearm GG? If not, you should. If we're down in Cali in August I can stop by and help hook you up on that score. Look at the ice storms that happened up here in Quebec a decade or so ago, it was 15 days of no power for a large area, and people were just at the tipping point when they restored power - people without cash had to trade stuff for insanely deflated amounts just to get food/fuel/medical/etc. There are lots of interesting articles about that whole thing if you want to google and read about it. The big lesson out of it was HAVE CASH, as well as fuel in jerry cans, water, food, ammo, and if possible some silver and gold.

    Anyhow, we usually keep an emergency slash slush fund in one of our fire proof safes at home, usually around $10k, but that can fluctuate a fair bit depending on how much the missus shops. We have silver and gold too, but that's a different deal/story.

    I find now, since about the early 2010s, that people in retail really give you the stink eye if you pay with cash. Here in Canada any use of more than $10k is an automatic report to the government agencies, be it at a store or a bank. I've been questioned/harassed by bank tellers I'm not familiar with about $5ish k deposits - I always just tell them "the crops came in", and then laugh. I've never gotten a call from the Canada Revenue Agency about it...So we don't use cash for purchases nearly as much at retail places as we used to, but still do for in person transactions for a wide variety of things - everything from PC parts to lawn mowers to bicycles.

    GG, have you considered getting another dog? I'm not sure if you had another one besides Zig, but if you don't, just wondering if you've thought about it in terms of mental health/etc.

    I can tell you a part of it from personal experience. Officers used their discretion to not arrest or cite an individual or even group. What happened next was that same person then going to the Dept and filing a complaint that the Officer "stopped them for no reason". The proof of that is since there was no arrest or citation that proves the Officer was just hassling them because he could and is a bully. After having to go to Internal Affairs on a couple of these the dept starts to think they were right in their accusations. Hence after that the Officer stops "giving a break" and makes the arrest or ticket to forestall that accusation.

    I had a stop when on the DWI squad that worked like that. Some minor aid to a councilman was weaving on the road, didn't signal a turn and also had a tail light out. I stopped him and got the "do you know who I am and how dare you stop me speech". He was obviously sober, just a bit aged so I gave him a repair notice for the tail light and went looking for a drunk. Less than an hour later I get called to the station by my Sgt about a citizen complaint filed by same egotistical douchebag. He made several accusations including me cussing him out and so on. What he didn't know is that I recorded the stop on a pocket recorder. That and the tape of me calling in thew stop and the time I went back in service proved he was a scumbag liar. Had I not had the recording I would have been my word against him and his old bat wife, with the lack of a real ticket as proof I had no court justified reason to stop him. He got a nice letter from the Chief saying in effect you are a liar and the only criticism I deserved was not citing him for weaving, no signal and the tail light and that he was advising me to not let things go like that.

    My father was a cop in the days prior to wearable cameras too, and he had one of those micro cassette recorders on him at all times, after he had a similar situation with a city councilman where it was his word against my father's, and of course politics won. My father got him on a DUI a year later at 3x over the legal limit, so some small justice there, but after going shafted the first time, he never once went on duty, or into the police station/work without his recorder in his pocket along with a couple extra tapes.

    I didn't think it was possible for the trajectory of the Marvel films/shows/M-She-You to get pointed downwards further, but wow, what a disappoinment. I remember when the 1st Doc Strange film came out, it had a fantastic sound/video presentation in the theater, really something very good, plus the story wasn't bad either.

    This film was utter crap IMO. The same wokester BS that Marvel has been famous for since the end of their "Phase 3". They've truly fucked things up beyond repair now I think. I was hoping the next Thor film might redeem things, but now, I doubt it. Highly.

    3/10, and that's being generous. Horrible plot, worse new characters, and the veteran characters were so incredibly poorly written and used, that I don't know how to quite put it. I hope Benedict didn't link much of his salary on this one to back end, because there ain't gonna be much, not with a combined cost of production and marketing closing in on 550 mil. Of course, maybe I'll be proven wrong and millions of wokesters will want to rewatch it.

    I'm set up to watch the new Top Gun at a B&B theater with ScreenX. I don't expect much from the movie plot but the flying scenes should be pretty good in ScreenX.

    ScreenX | B&B Theatres (

    Ward Carrol (Youtuber now, former F14B/D RIO, he was also editor at the We Are the Mighty website, and I believe the "" website previous to that...good channel if by some chance anyone has missed out so far) saw Top Gun 2 according to a video he made, and although due to the media embargo he couldn't say much, he has said that the flying/video work was truly incredible. That's what I can't wait to see. The whole "girl power" fighter pilotette part where she claims "I'm the best, who are they going to find to train me", wants me to literally kick the writer in the balls, so yes, I agree, the plot and its execution may be a bit much, but the flight parts should be worth it.

    I saw Dune in Imax - there is, on rare occasion IMO, a film that comes out that is specifically filmed for Imax or even just a very large screen format - that's when I'll go to the theater. Otherwise, what Storch said - with a home theater room, and 65" OLED tvs in every other room, what's the point? No screaming kids, or retards on their phones, no sticky shoes from soda spilled on the floor from the last tards in the previous showing, and etc.

    Amy Winehouse is a huge fav of the missus, and I like her voice too. Shame how she went out, part of the 27 club. Boo hiss.

    I need to resume my search for a good turntable setup, and start collecting me some vinyl. I have a ton of bagpipe records from the 80s and early 90s, which makes getting a turntable worth it for me for that reason alone, but I'd really like to start grabbing some stuff I like. Nina Simone, singers like that. There's a great place in Calgary that has tons of new and used records for sale - like I said, I need to get on this again.