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    I've been reading the F4 manual that is available online. Pretty interesting plane, the Phantom. Last couple nights I've read about 1/2 of it, and that is mostly skimming. There is a TON of info and systems to learn, should be good times.

    Puma over at HTC's forums has been posting some stuff about it, and some pics of him doing refuel plugs in his F4 back when he flew it.

    Thanks all, really appreciate everyone's words, they mean a lot to me.

    My missus gets here in a couple hours, she starting driving at 4am to get here, going to make things a lot easier for me.

    Thanks again everyone.

    My father passed at 75 this morning. Came as such a shock, bolt out of the blue, as 7 days ago he was as vibrant as he's been in the last 10 years, going to hockey games for the Western Hockey league team locally that's having a deep playoff run, etc. Then his kidney's began failing, then liver, than UTI and sepsis/blood infection, then congestive heart failure. I spoke with him yesterday, he knew he was in pretty serious trouble, but I got to talk for about 5 minutes before he passed out. So grateful for that. Hospital called me back after my 8 am call I made into them for a status update, around 9, and said to get there ASAP. He's about 50 miles away from his place where I'm at, no missus here right now, and my right leg is in a cast until Tuesday, and they pull your D.L. here for that. Luckily I had an aunt that was available short notice to drive me, and my pops held on, groaning/grunting in pain when we arrived there, and when my aunt starting singing to him, he calmed right down, and as I spoke to him his breathing slowing stopped over about 5 minutes. It was like he held on for me/us, he went so quickly after we got there.

    Fucking sucks. We didn't always get along throughout my life, but taking care of him since my mom passed 7 years ago or so really got us reconnected. I was hoping for another 10 years with him at least.

    He was a police officer for 35 years, in many various and important units in this country. Never backed down from fights, he used to love getting in them when he was a young cop apparently, became more reserved later when he was in command of others.

    Hope everyone is well, I haven't been here much recently due to my own health BS, but that'll change going forward now.

    Jane Goodall: 60 años investigando a chimpancés salvajes

    Bronk, you rock. Ahahaha ha.

    I guess Stephen King, super leftist POS that he's become, was beaking off and mocking these even just the first 15 seconds of this...airsoft guns, but hey, at least this dude is into that and not knitting and giving BJs right...

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    RPG rounds would have to be smuggled in from Mexico. The Cartels have tons of them, they flip them at one another pretty regularly now. If they've run out, they can always get more from the Chinks supplying the fentanyl precursors by the metric tons.

    To what GG was saying, the Chinese have incredible face tracking cams and AI systems all over their entire country. Incorporate that into autonomous drones that are connected to such a network and have a decent camera, small high speed assassination drones could be a pretty big fuck you to a civilian population in a built up area that has peoples' biometrics or facial recog data etc, from a tyrannical power. So far as in a war zone without jamming/anti drone systems that work, just turning self piloted drones loose is a bitch. Hence the Russians in all the vids running for their lives, hah.

    I said in 2014 on FW that a semi trailer with a retractable roof, could hold a couple dozen of those 6 rotor large lifting drones I mentioned, and with a much lighter payload than the 5 gallon full water jug, say 10lb of explosives with 2 pounds of nails around it, could have been launched remotely from a truck that pulls the trailer to within range of its target, and there would be fuck all anyone could do to stop them. Even if it was a widely publicized event with someone important enough to have the anti drone small ciws/etc things they've come up with, it'd be saturated and overwhelmed by a couple or few dozen drones all arriving at once.

    Do you still have the data from the FW site GG? Several members here mentioned the post I had made back in 2014, that guys at my r/c club had a 6 rotor drone that could lift a 5 gallon pail of water, and fly at 50 mph with it. I had said then that weaponizing them with explosives, and an inertial navigation board (GPS jammers won't do shit to it then), and you had yourself a poor man's explosive cruise missile. If GPS/radio jamming isn't around, then the drone could be remotely piloted with DJI/whatever FPV goggles - again that was 2014 tech.

    Now they simply taking RPG7/16/etc rounds, disabling the arming safety on them so they'll detonate on impact, duct taping them to a drone, and ta-da, in a zone without jamming, they then just chase vehicles, troops, animals, whatever they want, and then crash into them. Not just the RPG rounds either, they use those for anti-vehicle mostly, other explosives too, plus we've all seen them rig up a simple mechanism to drop frags into open hatches. Unreal.

    My best friend spent the better part of the last couple years there, with his own company/unit in the foreign fighters unit, he built up a recon/QRF unit, and has SO much info - he's writing a 2nd book eventually. They've completely changed infantry (and all other ground based) warfare.

    I did see a recent video on YT, a US platoon NCO tanker in an US armored unit in the CAV IIRC, and he was saying that their main focus and area that they are very concerned about is defending against these cheap commercial mini suicide drones with RPG/etc rounds taped on to them. Also the frag droppers. VERY tough to secure against he was saying, and the US is working hard and fast to come up with reliable anti drone tech and weapons. I'll find it and link it here when I do, it was excellent.

    Thanks for continuing to update this thread Rabit, and for having it GG, lots of work, it's appreciated.

    edit - heh found it, great video to listen to IMO for the current US armor/army perspective on the war and drones.

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    3:35 time mark.

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    Harper one the popular vote by a massive margin too. Showed how we in the West are so marginalized by the Quebec/etc vote. And then when we get screwed and lose, the prize is what get to transfer even MORE money to those lazy French fucks. Alberta has a LOT of separation rumblings right now, a lot of the friends I have that are among the rich/elite, like the owner of the first range/company I worked at, the Mannix family, are really started to think it isn't just a bunch of us wildeyed crazies who truly want out of Confederation. It's going very mainstream in the place it needs too, among the $ and influence that comes from it.

    If Pierre Poilievre loses or something fucked up happens and he can't run against Trudeau et al, Alberta is going to peace out I think, and along with it Sask and Manitoba. BC would be put in an interesting spot then, I think they'd likely come along as for them to export anything to the rest of Canada then would be subject to toll collection for both rail and trucking through the central Western provinces.

    Still, I think PeePee can and will win, and he'll put us back to some sense of normality if he sticks to his platform. For now, all handgun transfers are frozen, you can't buy/sell anything, same with most mag fed semi auto rifles/etc.

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    Gman might remember that show...

    I had a massive library of absolute shit industry stock music, so bad it was hilarious (which is why I snagged so much of it). I still have some of it I'm sure.

    OMFG, wife wants to kill you right now, I can't stop humming/singing that intro song, hahaha.

    DOO DOO, DOODOO DO DOOOOOO. YOU GOTTO LIVE IT UUUPP! So many memories brought back from the days of having one of those 10 foot satellite dishes and only a local antenna for Canadian channels.

    Wow that first vid sucks. Wish it'd hit the PRC headquarters instead of the good Chinese (Taiwan).

    Brutal, I'll be the death toll will hit between 3 and 10k. Or worse.

    If Pierre Poilievre can't win the next election, or hopefully force one earlier than the extra year Trudeau gave himself over the time when elections are usually called, it'll be time to fix bayonets. So many are holding on and hoping that PP can finally take power away from this lunatic party coalition of the Liberals and the NDP.

    On a brighter note, the first Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz gold coins/bars that I bought against my father's will 30+ years ago have now increased 1000%, one thousand percent. Among some of the very few things with the Maple Leaf on them that still makes me smile to look upon.

    How many of you tards got covid? How many times? What is it like to be vulnerable to covid and too fragile for a vaccine? I wouldn't know. I've had two vaxes and zero covids.

    I had Covid before there were vaccines. Never got a vaccine, have never needed one since, despite spending 2 weeks in a hospital that had 21 rooms, 15 of which had covid patients in a bad way when I shattered my leg, as well as being around TONS of people who were in the middle of their covid infection at subsequent doctor/hospital appointments. I had also been taking Plaquenil prior to Cov19 infection as I have SLE/Lupus and it's a common medication prescribed for that.

    My Covid19 experience was a scratchy throat for about 12 hours, and losing my sense of taste for maybe 6 tops.

    When stupid forms that have your preferred pronouns as an optional fill in, I always put "His Majesty/Your Highness" in. I then add a foot note that I have a 23 and me link to King Richard's DNA (he fathered at least a couple hundred bastard children they say, so the odds are if you have an ancestry in the UK, you have a fair chance at being a descendent, and thus claimant to the throne).

    Here behind the lines in Canada, this is become very common on various forms/etc.

    So I binge watched episodes 5 thru 8 this afternoon/evening. 6 and 7 were really good. I even remarked to the boss how it was really picking up. Then 8 happened and they totally jumped the fucking shark. Unfucking real the racist pandering. Every conceivable racist stereotype. It's like a late-seventies blaxploitation movie. If I were black I'd be fucking pissed. Hell.. I'm not and am anyways.

    Man, I felt exactly the same way. The first few episodes pissed me off, what with the 109s and 190s moving at 1500 mph across the screen, and the tracers looking like they hypersonic as well. So lame, and unrealistic looking considering the $ they spent on CGI and whatnot.

    Then some of the later episodes got pretty good. Then the go Tuskeegee go episode came. I could sense each instant of lameness as it came, with the missus telling me to "stfu and just watch" as I yelled and shouted shit a the screen. Talk about wrecking a comeback, and seizing defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Phantom is imminent. Ya!

    SO much in the pipeline that is badass. C130 will be fun, especially with the inevitable mods for making it a gunship/AC130, hell they devs may even make a gunship available with the release. With DCS adding a lot of ground targets like various infantry and trucks/apcs, an AC130 multicrew would be a riot. Super pew pew.

    Coming this year -


    F4U1D Corsair


    Mig29 full fidelity - (my favorite fighter since I saw the first time they appeared in the Western world back in 1989 at Abbotsford international air show here in Canada). Cannot wait for this one.


    Chinook Helo

    Kiowa helo

    Mig23 (eff ya!)

    F8 Crusader - last of the gunfighters, real single engine rocket ship which IMO is going to dominate the cold war servers with only Fox1/early Fox2's and guns

    A7 Corsair - great little attack bird, had one of the best systems for unguided bombs even to this day. Also had 1000 rounds of 20mm aboard, so a ton of strafing and even a2a as it apparently had a few really good turns in it before it would be out of energy. Shot down some Mig17s in Vietnam to prove it.

    A6 Intruder - next to the Mig29 this is the next most anticipated for me. Having an entire late cold war carrier air wing strike group, at least without the supporting aircraft is going to be so cool - Hornet Cs, F14A/B, A7 Corsair, A6 intruder...just missing the Awacs, Helos, and Cod.

    F100 Super Saber


    A1 Skyraider

    F104 full fidelity (just have a mod now with basic fidelity)

    Two others I nearly forgot -

    Tornado GR1 Ground Attack - When Falcon 3.0 first came out, Spektrum Holobyte was so jazzed by the unexpected sales that they went on to use that $ to produce what was at that time easily the most complex and fun flight sim - Tornado. Having a terrain following radar modeled back then was incredible. I remember flying under power lines in that sim, and the weapons aiming stuff was very complex for the time as well. So it'll be good times to have it in DCS.

    Also, Typhoon is still in the pipeline. That plane well own all in PVP online, as it's radar will be easily the best if the model it accurately, but the thing also is an effing amazing turn fighter. With 12 A2A missiles aboard, a great gun, it's going to be a blast.

    All of these aren't likely to appear in 2024, but at least 1/2 of them will be early access before 2025 IMO. A lot to look forward too, Vulkan API and the dynamic campaign especially.

    I've read/seen from usually reliable sources that Russia is down to just one single operational A50 AEW aircraft. They aren't being manufactured anymore either. It's unlikely China has any of their AWACS/AEW to spare to sell to Russia either. Seriously crippling to Russian air power IMO.

    Meanwhile the USA/NATO are adding new 737 Wedgetail AEW aircraft at a pretty quick rate, to replace and augment the current fleet of AWACS planes.