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    You can't have enough frags for trench cqb. It's a bit of a toss on belt fed as you lose some agility if you are on point.

    Agreed. I did frequently have a MK46 when doing PSD (we often had a counter assault team when doing our movements, even when doing low vis in our armored BMW/Benz cars, there would be 3 or 4 shooters armed with belted weapons in one victor). Hence the belt fed comment on those crazy looking trench patterns (like wtf, who decided building fighting positions in that manner was a good idea??). Anyhow, the MK46 is easy to operate standing from the shoulder, I do agree that a rifle/carbine setup is more fluid and faster. Still, fighting in that bullshit I'd want to have the rof and ammo capacity of a Mk46 or analogue.

    I also agree regarding the footage coming out of this war. My best friend is still over there, co commanding a unit in the Ukrainian army now, not the foreign volunteer shit show unit this time. He's been wearing a camera, so when he's back he's going to have a lot of crazy footage too I'll wager.

    I remember when they tried banning contractors/psd from even possessing frags, much less using them.

    Everyone thought it was a swell idea, and complied....


    Drone view of a CQB trench fight. At 1:28 a Russian oopski's his buddy.

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    Funny/not funny watching the dude that was wounded and on the South part of that engagement (top of screen being North), wave and flap his arm at the pinhead who lit him up afterwards. "Bad Comrade, you give bonus ball after I already smoke checked by enemy devils". "They are that way...that way!!!". Those trenches look a real nightmare to both be in as your fighting position trying to defend them, as well as assaulting them. Want to pack lots of frags and have a belt fed weapon for that gig.

    Incredible that the victim survived with that much blood on the ground, and nobody immediately applying first aid to stop the obvious massive loss of blood happening.

    What a fucker, I'd like to know the name of the man who jumped in there, unarmed against a seriously dangerous blade (due to the length/size). Not that small knives aren't dangerous, it's just far more likely you're going to get tagged by an amateur if they have a long/large edged weapon. Heroic that city they'll probably charge him for "engaging in dangerous behavior against our "most vulnerable" ".

    Very sorry to read this RR, condolences from my family and I.

    Reading your posts in this thread brings back memories for me, my mother wasn't ambulatory the last few years of her life, and I was her caregiver along with home care nurses (came 3x a week for 20 mins). She wanted to stay in her home, which she did due to me and my missus standing up for the duty of caring for her. I held her hand too when her kidneys finally failed, and she died in 20 mins after speaking her final words completely normally.

    I felt it was the worst day of my life too, but now 5 years later, I realized it was a gift. I hope you'll eventually feel the same way RR. Whatever happens, it'll take time, my only advice is to give yourself that time. Again, I'm very sorry to read this, we'll be thinking and praying for you.

    The US feeding UA as far as troop movements etc?

    I think they have use of sat intel and sig int from us drones in theatre. Prob get other intel from us Rivet Joint and others for air and ground scanning. I think there is a hands off as far as US discussing targeting of individual strikes. Basically just barely arms distance.

    I read somewhere, I'm trying to find it again, that there were JStars US intel aircraft doing intel work in the area. Those radar birds can literally detect infantry, let alone vehicles/etc, in pretty amazing resolution, at long ranges too.

    edit - found it. They are/were replacing the E8C Jstars with some newer classified systems, but it still works, and works really well apparently.

    Above Ukraine, a Cold War Spy Plane Is Finally Tracking a Russian Invasion
    Air Force officials had already started retiring 30-year-old E-8C JSTARS.

    Agreed RR, well said, andI feel the same way on all counts.

    Other than the leg, I'm still in decent shape, I've been doing a ton of rehab sets daily, swim 5 days a week, etc. The reality is that falling 6 meters/20 feet on the stupid assault tower/climbing wall because of a partial equipment, and partial brain failure, and busting my leg in 6 places and my ankle in 2, will take me a year to get back anywhere close to where I was, and want/need to be. Plus I now have a permanent barometer in my leg (one large titanium/carbon fiber bar from kneecap to ankle, 3 plates 15 screws, and 4 pins. So you're absolutely correct on my score, vis a vis the family commitments and my mobility issues right now.

    Thanks RR, appreciate the generous offer to help/etc. I've lent out (ie given away) some of my kit to 3 of the guys that went with Junior, they were with his unit in Afghanistan and have since worked for JR's private security firm, mostly doing PSD work, they were tasked with protecting Bill Gates'(boooo!) daughter for example. Anyhow, a couple of my PVS14s, plate carriers/armor, various gear such as that, I've essentially donated to the cause of helping my guys.

    The Ukrainian Colonel in charge of recruiting, background checks, etc, interviewed me a couple months ago, and gave me a waiver for my age (they have a technical cut off of 39 years of age, but will bypass that rule if you're solid and check out OK when they background you). So I could go. I want to go. Mainly because I want to have my best friend's six. We were born in the same room at the hospital, and our parents met there, and we've been best friends ever since. He's my oldest, and best friend. I was never worried for him or others until this recent fracas. As fucked up as the Russian forces are, the tech out there now is very deadly, to everyone and everything on the battlefield. I've lost 1 friend there already, and another has been badly fucked up, both from Russian artillery strikes. It's been keeping me up at nights, among other things, and although we have used the Signal app for comms while in country here in Canada, I don't trust using that while the receiving phone is in proximity to the Russians. So, I get very sporadic updates on how things are going, and it's not been easy sitting out and getting such little intel/updates on my family, friends, and co workers there.

    My reality is though that I'm just getting walking back, and running at speed with gear/weapons on, isn't going to happen for a bit. I'm also still caring for my father, who isn't ambulatory, and I won't put him in a home because they are all fucked here. So I have mobility issues, and commitment issues at the moment keeping me home. We'll see how long this lasts, I could still possibly go, as my aunt (father's sister) moved to 1 block away from my father, and would be willing to care for him for a couple months at a time. My concern is if I get wasted or wounded, my aunt won't be capable of caring for my pops long term.

    I also feel that while this invasion is BS, and should be repelled, that the Ukrainians aren't angels by any stretch. colluding with the Biden crime family and other political fucks robbing the taxpayers blind through this war. Still, I'd be going to fight with my friends and family, not specifically because I love Ukraine.

    I agree with the others too Rabit, your posts are great, I've read every one, and check several times a day to see new ones. So thank you. Nice to see Escapegoat show up in the thread too, what's up goat.

    It looks like Ukraine is going to have a pretty switched on armored division (or 3 brigades, whatever) soon. Their troops are in various Nato countries training on the new tanks/afvs, and have a unit with 3 to 400 pretty decent tanks (even the Leo 1s with updated fire control/thermals/optics/etc are good to go to take on any Russian tanks), and 400+ armored fighting vehicles, in addition to a ton of supporting mobile artillery guns. This unit IMO could easily go on the offensive, and punch a huge whole through the Russian lines, and get into their rear areas and cause havoc. The last article you just posted Rabit on the PRC's involvement is spooky, as if they get even more heavily involved, and say supply Russia with not just tech/drones/etc, but say more tanks/afvs, and especially say 10 or 20 thousand screaming slant eyed troopers, we could be looking at a very nasty situation. Of course that's all hypothetical, but still a risk worth considering.

    You're doing a great job IMO Rabbit, I've enjoyed reading your posts on this subject.

    JR. told me the first day he was there, a hotel being used as a hospital next to the building he was staying in was hit by Russian rockets (So much for Boroda's we don't bomb hospitals BS), and the collapsed buried a number of people alive.

    He also said that the officers typically in command positions in the Foreign unit are total ass. One French Colonel literally abandoned their convoy when he thought it was getting rough, like got out and left, right before the Russians hit said convoy with armored fighting vehicles (against unarmed trucks). Then he didn't even bother checking to see how many casualties there were. JR and another guy (American) canvased the hospitals in the area to even find 2 of their guys that were MIA after that incident, while the Col. was busy trying to have sex with a 14 year old girl.

    A Ukraine General interviewed JR after that and gave him his own unit, made up of Ukraine SF guys and former SF from Canada, UK, and the USA mainly.

    I wasn't supposed to reveal that JR was even there, but a dickhead reporter here in Canada from the Globe and Mail outed him in order to scoop a story, so his OPSEC is blown now thanks to that.

    One item - Morale is very high, which is always a critical thing, while on the Russian's side, it's the opposite.

    My best friend just returned for tour #2 with the foreign fighters unit in Ukraine. He came home for Xmas and then returned the last week in Jan or so. He's already written a book about Afghanistan (Taliban Don't Wave), and will be likely writing a book regarding what he's seen so far in Ukraine. He's now leading a direct action and recon unit made up of mostly former SF guys (we as in 2 Para in the UK army, and then a Capt in the Canadian Infantry before going on to work OMLT which is a special forces assignment in Afghanistan).

    There are approx 300 Canadians there right now.

    Meh, it's nbd. Considering what Mike, Jim, Arrow, AckAck, and others have had to go through, I consider myself pretty fortunate. Fucking shitty year for losing friends...

    Good to see you Geeg and Slug!

    I've just been working on rehabing my leg that I shattered in 6 places. I can walk (badly) now, but I need a walker for support. Couple weeks I'll be on a cane, and then a month I should be back to walking. Running will be a little bit still, so long as I don't fuck anything else up in the leg/repairs.

    Building a new PC this week, just got my 4090 and once my CPU/RAM get here I'm good to go.

    The main character, that David Boreogonzales or whatever was a vampire on Buffy the Vampire slayer, he wasn't in the military.

    There is a character on the show that in r/l was in CAG (Delta Force, essentially the Seal Team 6 but Army) - Tyler Grey. He's one of their consultants on making them not look like complete idiots on technical issues, and is also an actor on the show. And yes, the show is gay AF. Soap opera meets Tier 1, hahah. Tyler is a good guy though, he had his arm blown 90% off in Iraq on a target one night, they tied him to a little bird helo to evac him in time to save his life. He also went through addiction issues as back then (2005) they used to juice the shit out of everyone on oxycontin for pain. He beat all of that though, and now he's left handed, otherwise his life is pretty much the same he says. There is a documentary about his story, IIRC it's something along the lines of "That which I love destroys me", but I'll have to dig through my old bookmarks to find it, it's been 5 or 6 years since I've watched it.

    edit - the link for the 1.5 hour documentary is gone now, but CCW Safe did a 12 min vid on his story that's still up/free.

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    I want to post some of the final PMs I had with AckAck on FW, regarding his excitment at taking early retirement, his future plans, and common interests and education (history B.A. etc). I've known AckAck since he started flying AH, he worked at CH Products back then, and we dealt with them a lot when I was the [email protected].

    I had coined the title of "Repository of AH history " regarding AckAck as well 10 years ago or so. There was nothing about the game or its players that he didn't know when I'd ask him. So many funny stories he remembered, I'll miss not being able to bounce any of that off him again. I like others here always got along well with him despite different political outlooks/etc - he always made that easy to set aside I found.

    He had lost SO much weight at one point, he was down to 115 lbs IIRC, I'll have to dig into my older PMs, but I'm relatively certain it was around that. He'd had a lot of health issues, but I'm not sure what caused this latest issue(s). Far too young to go, with much life left to live and things to do, that's for sure.

    I'll miss him.

    Dry fire tools like that are invaluable IMO. 3/4 or more of your trigger presses while training should be dry fire drills. Any type of gadget/whatever that helps with training while dry firing is worth it if it works for you.

    I shattered it a couple weeks back. Posted pics of the xrays of before/after on your other forum. 6 breaks in the tibia and fibula, 7 incisions (140 staples came out recently), a new- tech rod and plates, 15 screws, 4 nails, etc etc used to put humpty dumpty back together again. It sucked, and I can't bear weight on it for another month or two (more likely 2 surgeon has said). So, crutches and/or wheelchair until xmas-ish time. Sucks balls.

    how much do you think semp bilks that poor neighbor lady for driving her car, washing her son's car and getting her groceries?

    I'm guessing that the guy just uses the car and her when he wants and does very little if any "work" for her. He's a mooch and a user. Just goes to the bar and uses her car when he wants to.

    Probably doesn't even have a license. I can't imagine he hasn't been arrested for multiple DUI's

    I'm 99% positive that Semp has posted he has had DUIs before, I'll do some forum searches over there later (bored and stuck in bed with my busted leg up in the air).