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    don't be a wuss, call me a fucking idiot if that's what you mean. I wouldn't be afraid to say it back to you. I'm not the be guy that's afraid to say it.

    like jerkybe on ah bb

    anyway, good luck with your circle jerk

    The constitution does define it. Much like "shall not be infringed" it's easy to understand.

    didn't we settle this on another thread? a guy that just got out of jail for robbing a Bank can argue all he wants that his right to bear arms is being infringed upon. Supreme Court settled that.

    so what you think it means, could not be accurate.

    “shall hold their office during good behavior.” now this has not been settled. for example I have read the other thread about what a liberal is. so should supreme court justices be removed for being liberal? or those in the middle or even those you consider not conservative enough?

    There is only one supreme Court judging history that has been impeached and removed.

    Good behavior. What do you think that means semp?

    It means illegal activity of some sort.

    I have no idea what it means the constitution doesn't define it. perhaps somebody will eventuality bring it up. but since there's a but it's not lifetime. you even mention one was removed

    It's unconstitutional because it limits the lifetime appointment of S.C. Justices and the Constitution specifically makes their appointments lifetime, or until they choose to retire.

    If it does happen to pass in Congress, then how do we enforce the Constitutional appointment of our Justices?…liticians-in-black-robes/

    actually Supreme Court judges don't have life appointments any more than presidents have guaranteed 4 year terms

    so you mean the right or conservative sites are just going to allow it? so many things wrong with that post. how exactly will you get removed from the internet. ABC sure as hell you won't get removed for posting masks are stupid.

    me thinks that post has something to do with the fact people keep threatening some officials and they get arrested.

    was gonna post this on ah but it would get locked.

    so I am in the middle don't believe the left more than the right.

    so if you guys call the left idiots and stupid, and the left calls the right idiots and stupid

    doesn't that mean we have a nation of idiots and stupid? :laughing

    just got a letter asking me to submit another mri. guess the one from 2 or 3 weeks ago is too old. can't afford 5k for a new mri. so I called an attorney. perhaps before I did they will approve me.

    got a letter for my wife, she got approved. but declined to make any payments since she was dead. that's the way it goes.

    should have met me in the 80s. I was cool as hell, plenty of blow but only on the weekends. I believe one side or the other is like arguing that tequila or whiskey won't give you a hangover

    first video on mtv. I was there, didnt have mtv but well I was friends with a girl that had parents that had money.

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    You should try typing a little more coherently.

    By the way, I do have arms and I can prove it with my YouTube videos....


    so do I. and I dont have to prove it to you. when you pick up parts of your friend's bodies. then please do post them to youtube. but then again I dont want to see that. seen enough. trust me I can tell the difference from a little bs threat to a real threat. there's only 2 things I am afraid of, bury another kid or die before my wife does, because she'll we a ward of the state. pray to god, to not see either one.

    I'm anti baby killing.

    I am anti people who pretend they really care about life, when they dont, if it doesnt fit they political goals. kill a born child because some voted against providing health care then they are just as guilty. lost a brother at 2 because we couldnt afford health care. that is sick.