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    There's always the other side of the story:

    "On Thursday, Tom Ford testified in the nonjury trial at Auburn Municipal Court that Hagans had placed a total of 10 planter boxes on the grave since May 2021, which the father either discarded or sent back to the man who would have been his son-in-law.

    "The first box, when I saw where it was, I picked it up and it fell apart," Ford said, according to the Opelika-Auburn News. "It was a rotten piece of wood with some pictures on it, so I discarded it."

    Ford testified that the cemetery has regulations on what can be placed at a gravesite. City Prosecutor Justin Clark noted that these regulations outline how "benches, urns, boxes, shells, toys and other similar articles are not permitted to be placed or maintained on any lot of grave in said cemetery."

    Neither Ford nor Clark immediately responded to requests for comment.

    Ford acknowledged in court that he "certainly did not" approve of the relationship between his daughter and Hagans, adding that he only found out about their engagement from other people. He said he had asked a friend to tell Hagans to "please not put [planter boxes] there anymore, that they weren't wanted, and that they weren't allowed by the city." When the seventh, eighth and ninth planter boxes were removed, Ford filed a criminal complaint with the Auburn Police Department. A 10th planter box was found after the complaint was filed, he said.

    Sounds to me like the fiance is being intentionally antagonistic. He knows they are not allowed by the city, but he is doing it anyway in an attempt to get the father in trouble. Doesn't excuse the father for being such a jerk as to not allow the man to attend the funeral, but he's within his rights to make sure the authorities understand he is not the one responsible for the violations at the gravesite.

    Neither have acted lovingly nor do they appear to have forgiven. That's a shame.

    Yesterday was a little humid but not too bad when not in the sun. Couple sets to share, comparing early spring / blooming time to yesterday when mostly green mostly takes over:

    May 1 :

    June 11:

    May 7:

    June 11:

    The Mrs. was with me this time . . . I told her, on my walks I like to find someplace to sit for 10-15 minutes of peace. Since she likes the sound of water, I suggested sitting near the small stream for today's 15 minutes of peace. She seemed a little reluctant, but we sat on the bench to listen to the water flowing around and over the stones.

    Close to 29 years married, and somehow she can still surprise me on how different we really are. I had no idea 15 minutes of peace means it's time to talk about all the stressful events of the week that I taking my walks helps me put aside. When we got up, she said she felt much better, 15 minutes of peace was a fantastic idea, and we should do it every time we come.

    I walked in front of her so she couldn't see the eye twitch.

    Dolt is under the mistaken impression that Ukraine losing will weaken the corruption in the US.

    What he fails to realize is a loss by Ukraine actually will permanently cover up the corruption, as any "proof" of collusion/corruption after that point will be written off as "Russian Propaganda." There's a reason Biden offered to evacuate the Ukraine Gov't -- they wanted the Russians to win. By cheering for the Russians, Dolt is cheering for corruption to win again.

    "There, I said it."

    Neat! I live just an hour east in illinois.

    Uuuuugh. Sorry. I keep telling people to stay away from Illinois. I feel your pain.

    I have never been to the gardens yet, but been to the zoo more times then I can count since the kids and the mrs always want to go there.

    The zoo is a true gem in St. Louis. For those that don't know, it used to regularly rank up with the San Diego zoo as top in the country. Unlike San Diego, the zoo in St. Louis is completely free to get in as long as you don't mind hoofing it from a free parking spot on the street instead of paying for parking in their lot. A couple attractions cost extra iirc, but it's easy to spend most of a day there without any of the "extras."

    Next time you're making the trip, give me some notice and I should be able to get you some free tickets to the gardens (unless we happen to be planned the same day). They're normally $14 per adult (13+) since you aren't a city resident, but would hate for you to go pay for it and then find out it isn't your cup of tea. If you don't tire yourself out too much at the zoo, you could do both in a day. The website says last entry is at 4:30 and closes at 5, but I'd suggest giving yourself a couple hours.

    Is that by chance Missouri Botanical Garden in St Louis?

    Yes, it is.

    Was looking around to try to figure out what those birds were. Thought they kind of looked like chimney swifts. And I came across this:…llows/facts-about-swifts/

    "Chimney swifts are very fast fliers and spend most of their lives in midair. They eat, drink and mate while flying, only stopping to raise young. They even take their baths in flight by dipping in a water source briefly."

    So I couldn't figure out what a small bird could be seeing in the water and attacking, but I guess they were just having fun taking baths!

    Been a month or so since I've been able to get out to MOBOT for a walk. I hit it at a good time (for me) . . . Irises and Peonies were done, Daylillies (always a big draw) have not really started, so the place was actually very quiet with few people around compared to the last two or three times I went. Got to sit at the peaceful bench . . . scene may look familiar, but it is a bit greener this time.

    It was warm in the sun, but perfect in the shade, with a light breeze. Didn't come out in any of the images, but there were birds skimming the water, soaring back in the air, then diving down again . . . I guess getting some kind of water bug for lunch. At one point I had an involuntary thought that the VH needed to come up so we could roll ostis and stop the vulchers . . .

    This guy came to visit, too . . .

    Easy 15 minutes of peace today. Even the idiot in the helicopter didn't come circling until I was already heading out.

    So Feli is a lying German cunt? Who knew...

    She says $6 for a pack of strawberries? Maybe in the dead of winter for some organic crap at trader joes that was air-freighted from Australia.

    The fast food comment makes zero sense, unless you are comparing your one quarter pounder meal price to the price of picking up an 8 pack of buns and a two pounds of meat (which granted is getting more expensive by the day).

    It does not come down to "change." "Just choose to change" is easy to say for the person outside looking in. Not everyone has a choice in the matter of what demons are haunting them, and once haunted, not everyone can discern the options they may (or may not) have.

    You are entitled to your opinion. It's a narrow and self-righteous opinion, but your entitled to it. I just hope you never have to experience how wrong you are.

    Today's MOBOT adventures:

    A small rabbit! No one around. Click the picture. He doesn't move. Maybe if I am quiet and creep forward slowly, I can get a better picture . . .my daughter loves bunnies, this would be very cool to share . . . slowly creeping forward, phone/camera out in front of me . . .

    "YEAH, AND THEN HE POSTED THE STUPID THING ON FACEBOOK . . . " Mr. and Mrs. FatMouth come striding from behind, push right past my invisible self and in front of my shot, and naturally the rabbit shoots off directly away down the path, just as another couple approaches from around that corner . . . the terrified rabbit shoots into the bushes with enough force the approaching couple stop short at the noise. Mr. and Mrs. FatMouth haven't broken stride and walk past Mr. And Mrs. Startled. "I JUST DON'T GET WHY PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT STUFF GETS SEEN."

    Maybe because all their friends are completely oblivious like you??

    Mr. and Mrs. Startled apparently haven't seen me either. One says to the other as they walk by me, "I wonder what that was?"

    "Well, it was a rabbit" is the reply they hear from nowhere.

    But, just a bit later, I did find my Fifteen Minutes of Peace:

    Nice bench under a tree, along a stone path, with a small stone bridge nearby, and the running of water over the small falls nicely drowning out the traffic noise that normally accompanies the walks. Would have spent longer, but I noticed an older couple pass a bench that would have been visible just outside of the frame that a younger couple was sitting on. They were on the path coming my way, and they were stopping to look at the flowers on the right side of the picture (the path being to the right of them). After invisibility moment earlier in the day, I felt oddly bold . . . so I stood up, and told them to please take the bench and look that way. I promised they would love it. They protested that I didn't need to get up, but I said I insisted, and walked way down the path. A few moments after I looked back, and sure enough, they were sitting on the bench, looking at the scene I had just left.

    Not only did I get to have my Fifteen Minutes of Peace, I was able to share it with someone else. Yes, a very good day after all.

    Little different vibe this week. Yesterday was supposed to be rainy all day, so instead of a Saturday morning stroll, it was a Sunday afternoon hike. Maybe my mood was influenced by the fact that I knew the Buttercups would be all gone. Maybe I was just that irritable that just about every bench was already camped out by somebody . . . and I mean camped. I saw while on the other side of the lake that the peaceful bench had three occupants. By the time I got there 15 minutes later, they were unpacking a lunch for themselves . . . sigh. Tried hanging out by the mausoleum . . . nope, between a dude riding either a Suzuki or a chainsaw, and a helicopter that kept circling, there was just no peace to be had there today, either.

    Did find an open spot on the other edge of the bench near the pebble beach . . . thought maybe there would be peace, but there were these two:

    No, no, no, not the geese. Across the lake the two standing just above the rightmost red bush.

    I tell you, that woman's voice CARRIED!!

    "Stand over here. NO, HERE. No there! Look up! Not like that! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT? Stop smirking! Smile! I SAID SMILE! Now you just look like a dork! Stop it! No, turn that way! Now look over there! I DIDN'T SAY TURN! I SAID LOOK! Stop slouching! No no no, don't stick your chest out you idiot!"

    Gah, where's the guy riding the chainsaw when you need him?

    At least the azaleas were blooming:

    Sadness! ;(

    That odd time between when the early blooming stuff is basically all dead and being ripped out, and the later-blooming stuff just isn't quite up to par yet. The Victorian Garden was all tulip blooms just last week. Alas . . .

    Pretty good. I like these shorts...

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    Ward, actress Gaia Weiss, was also in the series "Vikings."

    Not sure why they all think she needs a scar to her face.

    Vikings: Where is Thorunn? Show creator Michael Hirst on why she never  returned | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV |

    OK, most likely last poke at you guys about my favorite Persian buttercups. Most are past their prime, but even while they are dying (ironic considering where I found my peace today), I find them interesting as they start to look almost like something else entirely. First picture is I think of the same flowers that I posted back on page 17. Notice how the petals are now pointed the flower looks spiky when compared to the fresher, rounder blooms behind.

    Here is a different group from a different part of the park. Spiky or round, may or may not show it's center, just an interesting flower to me overall.

    Not everything was dying in the garden, of course. The Tulips were still doing quite well. The white ones are called . . . you never would have guessed . . . fringed tulips!

    Yes, back at MOBOT today. Last few weekends it was cool and I had the flannel jacket on. Today was well over 80 degrees and I was wondering why the heck I hadn't worn shorts. Also very crowded with the good weather . . . no lakeshot today as I could not find an open bench nearby. The peaceful bench from the previous two weekends had an occupant. On the plus side, apparently she could see me!! Unusual day when I am actually visible. Downside was, when she did see me, she gave me the stinkiest of stinkeyes I think I have encountered in ages. Considered briefly whether to sit on the edge of the bench anyway, then decided my life might be in danger, so I moved on. Finally found an open bench in the "Mausoleum Garden" section, so was able to have my Fifteen Minutes of Peace somewhere . . . with the dead . . . go figure.