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    I expect better service for my five dollars.

    No biggie Gina- some of the FW posters haven't seen the sunshine for months.

    Well Airhead 176,000 miles is the entire system. Most of it is not a hazard. And you have to start somewhere. At least burying 20 miles will make them fix the roads around the lines. I really feel for you and your tree harvest. Extremism on any side is bad for everyone. Wood is valuable. Just today I took the trash to the dumpster and saw half a sheet of 3/4" plywood in the trash. I wanted to grab it as though it were treasure but I had to control myself, ha ha.


    True but the terrain is pretty rugged and remote. Far cheaper than burying cables is using a device that disconnects the power if a cable disconnects, but PG&E was too busy handing out bonuses and stock dividends to concern itself with safety but- then again- this is the same system that's been in place for over 100 years and we've never had fires as bad as this... look at the Coffee fire. It wiped out an urban area... devastated it.

    One thing PG&E is correct about is this is our new reality. Entire communities burned out, rolling blackouts- we had one last week and we're scheduled for another today so... I'm thinking this might be the best time to sell out and move away.

    Hi Wayne, nice to meet you also. I'm one of the people who owns family forests and yes, due to the influence of the Sierra Club we can't harvest timber off of our land. Want me to send you the requirements for a timber harvesting plan? We cannot commercially harvest timber off our land- we have mature trees (Doug Fur) that we can't touch. They will sit there and die and be fuel for our next wildfire.

    This goes beyond small landowners like us all the way to the commercial timber companies like Georgia Pacific, Harwood, LP= all who have been driven out of California.

    OK- now tell me how much it'll cost to bury 176,000 of miles of power lines underground. Being pragmatic here, who is going to pay for burying 176,000 miles of cable? I'll bet it's us, the rate payers. LOL, you cite the burial of 20 miles of cable as a solution- do the math. Look at that Wayne- and look at the problem we face out here... 176,000 miles of at risk cables, and they're going to bury twenty miles of it.

    You made my point. If they had been regulated properly all this time the lines would be fixed by now.

    Bull. Had PG&E been held responsible to fire victims for their losses the lines would have been safer- as it is they've made enough political contributions to our corrupt California politicians (including Gavin Newsome) they are judgement proof.

    PG&E isn't the only reason wildfires are so devastating today- California has regulated logging into extinction, so forests are overgrown with fuel and logging roads, which used to provide access, are now impassable. You can thank the Sierra Club for that.

    Another pass the buck excuse is urban sprawl- my grand parents owned an olive orchard in Paradise that was planted in 1918 and survived 4 generations of my family and it burned up- along with houses and outbuildings.

    I think what chaffs my ass the most is our abandonment of our forest lands and the obtuse denial of this abandonment as a contributing factor in the intensity of wildfires today and the difficulty of fighting them; had we continued to take our stewardship of our forests seriously we wouldn't have the tragic loss of life and property we have today. So- combing corporate greed, greedy politicians, and well meaning but misguided environmentalists, mix it all together, and you get what we have today- deadly wildfires, rolling blackouts and lots of victims.