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    I think the job attracts high functioning psychopaths. Same deal for lawyers and corporate exec types. Of course not all of them are like that, but it's the old 80-20 rule.

    IN any event that's what she was. She was utterly puzzled that I would bring a phone to the popo station without there being something it in for me. That's because she was a unable to feel any empathy for others, and the whole idea of it was utterly puzzling. There had to be something there.

    But yeah that phone in the park situation - I'm like a clean cut dad with young kid (in an affluent area) - "Hey, just found this in the park figured I'd give it to you guys because whoever lost it might call you".

    My kid actually had found it, and was like "why can't I keep this ?" - she was very young. I was just teaching her to do the right thing.

    Anyways, this chick cop came out in full tactical gear, basically detained and interrogated the both of us for over an hour - kept asking the same fucking questions over and over again - like as if she had lucked into some kind of felony drug arrest... if only she could figure it out and get me to say the wrong thing to give her probable cause. Fucking ridiculous - and the look on her face was one of intensity and complete disbelief of everything was telling her.

    Bulldyke cop, huge chip on her shoulder.

    A big factor to me playing nice was my kid was right there - you know after telling her "it's the right thing to do" and the "police are the good guys" etc - I was telling that stupid cunt/officeresse -like "Look, I'm trying to teach my kid that you guys are the good guys and DO THE RIGHT THING for fucks sakes - what the fuck is wrong with you".

    Anyways, she was utterly convinced there was a serious crime at play and was spinning her mind to find a way to figure it out and make an arrest.

    So yeah, I ended up teaching my kid to never trust those assholes. I was really pissed off about it, but it is what it is.

    Like I said, I'm sure a lot of it was Woman Cop.

    I don't do the good Samaritan shit anymore - I always walk away.

    It's kind of like if the police have rock solid evidence that you killed a person, they'll just arrest you. They don't need to talk to you if they got what they need.

    If they just want you to come down to the station alone to "talk" to them, you have to realize that you're already in the best possible position that you can be in. Talking with them will only make your position much worse - it is just about impossible that it will make the situation better.

    The only goal they have in talking to you is getting MORE evidence against you, or making you confess to it (possibly even unwittingly).

    They don't have what they need to pin it on you, which is why they want to talk. Also, they are very much not above flat out lying to you about anything and everything, including lying about why they want you to come in for a talk.

    What was that movie about the Atlanta Olympic guy - Richard Jewell ? That's a movie every citizen should watch if they have not seen it. Guy went out of his way just to be helpful, and they ruined his life.

    Lawyer up - every time.

    I remember one time I was with the kid and I found a cell phone in a public park - so I brought it to the nearby police station. Jesus Christ you would have thought I was some criminal or something. I was actually trying to teach my kid a lesson in doing the right thing. I learned just leave the fucking thing there and walk away.

    I'm always stunned to see videos of sketchy people having no issue whatsoever going down to the popo station, and getting interrogated for hours about a murder (of which they are obviously a suspect). I mean how fucking stupid do you have to be - especially if you're actually guilty... like they think they'll easily talk their way out of it - going against trained and vastly experienced people who do this for a living.

    There's really no scenario where it makes sense to talk to them - you're already halfway to prison if they have taken any interest in you for any reason.

    Or, nobody wanted him because he was a washed up over 50 booze-sponge, and he realized he could re-ignite his career for one last hurrah using the "they blackballed me because I was virtuous" angle.

    I don't blame him whatever the deal is - Hollywood types are a bunch of assholes, and if he can hustle them and get some $$$$ by making them look like the assholes they are, then more power to him.