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    ...and then weeks into it, that Aussie who called him a CUNT to his face and filmed it - LOLOLOLOLOLOL - that was like a highlight!

    That's probably true.

    BTW, I think the most fun I ever had with online flight simming was the whole skyrr feud. Just getting a squad together and hunting them down, and they in turn hunting us down. That was a LOT of fun - we were even setting up elaborate traps for each other - like have a two element flight, patrolling low to draw them down, then we'd have a couple of discreet high alt backup in the distance for an ambush. We were both doing it LOL.

    why don't you have a yard sale? Sell the stuff cheap. Someone might like some of that stuff, plus they haul it off.


    The males around here would only be interested in guns and tactical gear and I'm not selling any of that stuff. For the females, they would have no interest in vintage industrial unix/mainframe/storage/networking/programming shit. I'm not one of those beanie baby pinterest/etsy type horders lol.

    Well, 1000s for sure - more than I could ever remember.

    But, ones that I spent several years flying individually: Flight Simulator 1, 4, 5, 2000, X - 100s of free and paid for jets (I spent 1000s on 2000 and FSX commercial add ons). I actually beta tested for flight sim 4 as well way back in the day. Then there's Airwarrior for Dos (just two jets in that), WB, AH, the Aces Over (Europe/Pacific) series of sims, Falcon 3.0 and all the add ons, Falcon 4.0 plus the AF mods, all the old Flanker games (that became DCS), probably 5 versions of X-Plane, all the Janes series of sims (most notably F-15 and F-18), also the Janes Helo sims too... Mig Alley was another good one.

    I even played the crap out of the old Jane's sims that predated those (Navy Fighters/ATF). Then there's the IL-2 series of sims that I think also predated DCS. Eurofighter 2000... Anyways, that's off the top of my head... I've forgotten at least triple of what I've mentioned. It would probably be easier to find sims I didn't play... I never played the F-117 sim that was popular years ago for instance. I never got into Chuck Yeager's Air Combat or Secret Weapons of the Lutftwaffe.

    Controls wise, I've worn out three sets of CH Products Sticks/Rudders/Throttles, and two Thrustmaster HOTAs rigs over 30 years. Plus tried just about every set that ever came along (even Suncom), and it pains me to think of all the shit I've thrown in the trash because it wasn't for me. I've been doing some spring cleaning, and I still have much of the media that all these sims came on. I have them stacked deep into leather folders, like a massive archive of flight sims over 30+ years (they've followed me 1000s of miles, from Canuckistan to where I live today).

    I still have my A: disks from Falcon 3.0 and Airwarrior for Dos (have posted pics of those about 10 years ago on the old forum). Still have the boxes and manuals for those too, but almost all the others, I just archived the media in the grand vault at Casa del Slam.

    Now if you ask me to select a few of my most favorite jet fighter sims, it would be Falcon 4.0 AF, and Flanker 1.0 and 2.0 (great grandfather of DCS). Also Janes F-15. I thought Flaming Cliffs with a Flaming Pile of Shit, and to me the Flanker Line was getting worse over time, not better. First time I played DCS and messed with the Su-25 and the original Warthog, I thought it sucked.... but, things got a lot better and I like the current version of all things DCS).

    One sim I barely remember was Hornet. It was a vector graphic simulator of an F-18 - it was out in the mid to late 90s. It was really fun. I believe it came out for Mac's first and was ported to Windows. It wasn't ultra realistic, but it was fun.

    Because of my home setup these last 2-3 years (space crunch -too much shit I'm an entry level horder), plus I have to refurbish my CH Pedals - been putting it off... I haven't done much simming, but I did fly that russian Yak-52 prop trainer on DCS a lot (a few 100 hours). Then put in about 50 hours on the Freedom Fighter. I thought both of those were great.

    I was definitely a degenerate flight sim addict between the years of 93-2005. I was a total degenerate in those years - self destructive... loss of sleep, joint overuse injuries... playing 8 hours a day on most days (and drinking while doing it). On prescription pills and massive physical therapy for that shit - anyways, that's how you wear out flight sticks/rudders/throttles. I broke out of the degenerate shit in 05, and really only did it here and there after- but would still go through bouts of degenerate simming over the next 15 years for no longer than a few months, then would take many months off. I'm in no way addicted to it anymore, I just burned that candle until nothing was left. I have a desire to do it again today, but just casually now and then. Man Assi and I did A LOT of flying on AH prior to the old board being stood up in 2008 - Original Drunken Monkeys, and yes we lived up to that name. Ridiculous.

    Hell, all the time I flew with -gg- in AH - I mean we clocked some ferocious hours over several years of Reunion/Holiday squad ops - and that's absolutely nothing compared to the bulk of the time I've put in (wasted ?) in the years before that when I was really bad. Those were like mini flashbacks of what I used to be like. I never drank more than a Preferred Loadout (lol -gg- knows what that is) and I'd only do that on weekends. Ok, that's six Rolling Rock beers on the hard points of a P-51, along with a King Can of Heineken (drop tank) on the center fuselage. That would be my loadout for a long "AH shift.".

    Anyways I quit that lifestyle long ago, but there's the borderline hording shit I'm addressing now...

    As we speak I'm changing my life. I've decided not to borderline horde anymore. Over the past month, I've been throwing out 100s of pounds of all manner of shit, and I'm trying to get rid of at least 50-75% of the shit I've held on to for decades, and no longer need.

    Don't worry - keeping all the sim stuff. One thing I threw out recently was two yard bags filled to the top with CD-roms. These were work related -all the old OS's for Sun, HP - industrial UNIX shit that nobody uses anymore. 100s of Cd of ancient device driver software for ancient tape libraries, ancient industrial robotics, electron microscope repair guides, scsi controllers, clustering software, mainframe shit, fiber optic gear, telecom shit... patch sets... software used it FABs for chip manufacture... all stuff I held on to thinking one day I'd need it for work again. Fuck that shit. I'm not the Smithsonian of Information Technology.

    Nobody has used this old shit for many years now, so there's no point in holding on to it. 100s and 100s of old technical books for the same. Oh sure, I could probably scrape $10 here and there for shit like that on EBAY, but I don't have time for that shit - I needed that shit out of my life NOW. It's a sanity thing. Besides, everything can be found on online archives nowadays.

    So it will take a few more weeks, but I'm creating space for myself and de-cluttering my life. I'm a master of sorting, organizing and packing shit - it's unreal how dense it all is. Anyways, that part of my life is over with and it's liberating.

    So yeah, I ranted sorry. But to answer your question, I flown a lot of shit. I actually replied at first with one word "yes", but then I rewrote what you see now LOL.

    Funny part: I'm sure there's at least 10 guys on this forum (and the old one) who are worse than me for flight sims, but we're all close I bet.

    DCS isn't that expensive if you only buy stuff on sale. I paid full price for the F-5E and Flaming Cliffs 3 but everything else I've purchased has been with a hefty discount. They have sales pretty regularly, like every couple months.

    Yeah but $3.99 all you can eat !

    Dunno, but Falcon 4.0 is like $3.99 on Steam and you download the BMS update for free from here How can you beat that ? DCS is great obviously, but it's very expensive once you start buying all the components.

    Basically the Falcon 4.0 source code was leaked in 2000 and it's been modded ever since. The BMS mod is pretty spectacular. I always liked Falcon 4.0 and played it a lot back when it came out. I also played the older Allied Force mod for several years in the early 2000s. I'll get my flight sim gear repaired (have all the parts I need here and a new soldering station) and give it a shot soon.

    Has anyone been messing with Falcon 4.0 BMS ?

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    Funny, I was reading this, and in the other window looking at a gallery of funny album covers. This was the one I was looking at when I read this post, and goddammit, they just fit so well together.


    So basically even IF Trump did all the shit they claim (and he did not - not a one of them), the statute of limitations has passed. It will be dropped within minutes of going before a judge. Of course they know this, it's really just about tying up Trump with legal burdens in a pathetic attempt to prevent him from campaigning effectively.

    Of course, if it goes before a Democrat judge they'll ignore the statute of limitations and it will have to be appealed before a non activist judge gets control of the situation.

    Anyways, it's all just about tying him up to prevent him from campaigning.

    Of course they're desperate - they know that if he gets in power again, his major focus will be about routing out leftist corruption.