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    There was some speculation going around that PG&E wasn't cutting off power bc it started wildfire, but bc the high winds cut much of their capacity to deliver power. Wind turbines (renewable energy) make up so much of the power that when wind speeds are too high they kick out. So with the predicted winds

    above 55miles/hr turbines kick out,

    That's messed up. Sounds like Veronica wants you out of the picture, also sounds like she's not your friend. At all. I'm sure she's quite charming to your face but what is she saying behind your back?

    I have no idea what you can do about it. Except maybe draw up papers to have that house put in your name and have him sign them. Timing is everything.

    yeah. screw that bitch.


    Well, other than that incident we got along fine. She was there when my fav Aunt passed away and let me bawl on her shoulder. I still feel bad I never got the chance to explain I only wanted her out for the chemicals she was spraying.

    I don't know why...... but it seems like fat women are the ones that wear choking perfume. I gag and it really kills me. I hate being overpowered by any kind of scent. Once my brother sprayed some "air freshener" all over our house and I opened every damn window to get that poison out of the air. I want the air I breath to be FRESH air and not full of some BS scent or poison.

    I get mild panic attacks with those air fresheners and chemical cleaners. I had one woman come into my office and start spraying febreeze around. I chased her out, completely irrational of me.

    I don't think so. Eventually the "young people" will run things and they will hire the ones that look like them.....and they will complain about those nasty young people with their clean arms and no piercings......"they look like they have no character".....I see managers all the time with piercings and tats.....Its not my fault! I'm a good observer and I was surprised to see it myself.

    True enough, last fall one of my (many) supervisors was a large tattooed woman with purple hair and pierced everything. That co went under by winter.

    You are showing your age girls. Its not easy to do something different if you are a young person trying to be different from the past. Young women are more knowledgeable about sex at a younger age.

    The point is, that poor stupid girl piercing her face and tattooing her arms will never move beyond min wage clerk at the local corner store that has no one else to hire. If someone is trying to be different then maybe they be different in more than just cheap and easy ways.

    Every time I see some young girl, usually a clerk in a convenience store, with piercings on her face I cringe a little inside. I really want to say something but it's none of my business. I just know that if I were to hire someone, it wouldn't be her. Unless I was scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    Do they even know that those studs in their lips and tongues are for giving blow jobs? Like every time I see that bit of hair under a guy's lip, they call it a 'soul patch' I call it a ball tickler.

    Yeah I cringe a little. Oy.

    He did some great stuff. How are you today, at your new (old) job?

    I have to leave this aft, 4 hour drive and open the office at 5 AM. Tried to quit but they got all desperate and it's such a shit show out the G.

    It's like you've been hired to dig a ditch but haven't got a shovel. They want e-reports but there's no wifi. They want scale data but no way to do it.

    They want samples yesterday when the system is set to sample May 2020.

    Can't freakin believe it. But, goin back.