Did u guys know that the Sex Pistols were discussed in UK parliament under the Traitors and Treason Act when they were around?

  • : l


    WHAT musical.... or even cultural act..... can even compare to that? : l

    Off the top of my head, the only cool thing I can think of that could even kind of compare ... since then.... was like..... online content "pirating" : P

    That was pretty cool : /


    Like, I remember there was a time when that stuff was pretty big.

    But I mean, yeah.

    I guess it was just the times....... The late 70's.

    I'm not sure that many people realize how much of an impact pop music had on people back then. Like.....Cultural movements happened back then, with music being like.... perhaps at the center of it all.

  • If there is 1 major theme in work of John Lydon, Sex Pistols, & PIL.. It wuld b.. "U Can Do It 2". :D <3