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  • We have a 50" 600mhz Plasma, Panasonic, that is still working too, bought it in 2008 IIRC. Plasma look better than regular LED/LCD, not as good as OLED, but in the dark, IMO, nothing touched the Plasmas. I wish they still made them, but they cost exponentially more to make than LCD/OLED.

    I figured out you can override the 4 hour Alienware pixel refresh, and tons of guys on reddit/etc have had the same unit for over a year and just let it do the refresh when you log out (going into sleep/whatever mode, the monitor will automatically do the pixel refresh with the new firmware I just installed. YAY). It truly looks astonishing compared to even the best 4k LCD gaming monitors I have and have had. They are coming out with a 4k OLED version of this same unit shortly, and that'll be the cat's PJs. Even at 1440p on a 34", it looks far superior to my 27" 4k which is a great monitor on its own (was voted best gaming monitor regardless of $ by every reviewer out there for a couple years straight, until this Alienware OLED came out).

  • I think we have the same TV

    I wouldn't doubt it, it was "the" go to Plasma back when I bought it, we also bought the 42" version at the time for our bedroom. Gave that away to an aunt who needed a tv and who doesn't have much $ years ago, but kept the 50" around as a tv we use while in the hot tub (it's a contained room with a sliding door/roof panel). Great units though, very solid, and the fact that our 50" is still chugging along 15 years later+, while being wheeled around on a stand and outside in our hot tub attached deal...

    Been looking at the 83" LG OLED, our home theater room has a roughly 100" screen, and the gear is getting a bit long in the tooth. The audio stuff is still more than serviceable and sounds great. The cost for the 83" isn't exactly cheap, but it's a lot cheaper than getting a comparable projector IMO, and while a smidge smaller than our screen currently, it'll more than make up for it in terms of picture quality. I saw one on demo and was very very impressed.

    Crazy how used we've become to large TV screens. I remember vividly in 1997 buying a 36" TV, and I was the most popular place for my group of friends and co workers for movie/sports nights. Watching Aliens and Star Wars on laser disc, we all thought we had our own little movie theater. Now 36 isn't even large for a PC monitor, and back then a 21" Viewsonic or Optiquest was the big man on campus for monitors. 21. Hahaha.