I know I complained a bit about how my Australian gf has treated me :P.......

  • YES.

    I SAID "gf"!!!!!!!



    Um yah. :D <3333

    But today I have fully realized what she has been doing.............

    She has been "activating" me. And I her.

    Us finally coming together has "activated" us........ and the way she has been treating me has been a part of that, in regards to me.

    Like..... I can only really talk about what is going on from my perspective, but since contacting her in March 2018.... and everything that has happened since then...... I was "activated" by her.

    In fact, before I contacted her.................. I was in shatters.

    I had just came out of that whole situation with living with my birth father and his ex-wife............. and you guys know what happened then : l.....

    Just got out alive.

    And meeting my Aussie gf brought me "back to life".

    And the way she has been treating me since I met her has been a part of that......... "ghosting", what have you.

    But she really hasn't actually been ghosting me......

    But yah...

    She brought me back to life......

    She motivated me to start seriously thinking about building an AI music bot.......... :D

    I owe everything to her.

    Literally. <3

    And um...... If u'r out there Aussie gf..... reading this?

    ....... I am patiently waiting for you to contact me again! :D


    I could probably say more about everything I wrote above... but :D

  • The sickness is palpable... :sick psycho- stalker ! ENough already! I know it, been through 20 years of this crap myself....


    Don't forget to brush your teeth!!

  • And also, actually..... I literally just wrote this like 10 mins ago.

    A poem for her -

    "I never thought. If only I knew."


    I never thought there was a problem.

    I never thought you weren't happy.

    I never thought that you didn't feel the same way I felt...

    I never thought that I was scaring you.

    I never thought I was trouble.

    I never thought you didn't love me like I loved you...

    If only I knew you felt this way.

    If only I knew how you were feeling.

    If only I knew...


    If only you ever told me that...

    ... then I would had known.

  • The sickness is palpable... :sick psycho- stalker ! ENough already! I know it, been through 20 years of this crap myself....


    20 years?

    Did he "love" you, also?

    What happened during those 20 years?

    That Aussie woman who I made this thread about...... she never ever told me that she didn't love me.

    For over a year, WHILE she has been "ghosting" me on and off..... she has posted love songs on forums for me.... post hearts..... say she loves me......

    If she really thinks I am a "psycho stalker"..... she has def been giving me mixed messages then. : P

    She HAS called me things like.... "psycho"... and "stalker"....... but like...... before and after she would post those lovey stuff for me.

    I think she was joking when she said that I bad stuff about me.

    And like..... if she wasn't......

    Pls refer to the poem I wrote to her above .... "I never thought. If I only knew."

    I think she does love me............ At the very least, I think she did at one time : P

    I don't recall her popping in to say she "loves me" for a few months now though : (

    I just really only wanna talk to her now.

    That is all I ever wanted.

    And I'm not really that fond of the fact that she lied/exaggerated bad stuff about me...... as so someone would report me to the FBI.......

    over stuff that wasn't true.

    That was irresponsible.

    I am a kind and reasonable person.

  • I really am hoping that nothing will come from this current FBI investigation of me, regarding her.

    It's just a misunderstanding..... I posted all about that here on ICOM.

  • I actually still don't know for certain that it wasn't her who reported me to the FBI.........

    Tbh, I don't think she did......... but rather someone else did..... maybe after they saw all of the complete lies/exaggerations she posted about me on GLP..... She said I think as a complete joke.

  • She has been playing these "games" with me for over a year : l

    Not sure what to think.......

    : l

    I am being totally truthful.

    I really wish she had the courage to speak to me.

    Literally ALL I have EVER wanted this ENTIRE TIME....... was to just simply speak to her over email.

    That is IT.

  • I mean guys.... She idolizes Ariana Grande.

    What more do I have to say.

    She also posts this song to brag about how guys want to have sex with her : P

    I am not kidding.

    Just wait until the chorus to see just how ridiculous it is : P

    Honestly, I should had seen it as a warning sign.

    All of that type of music is absolute shit lol

  • But yeah...

    Regarding that "All of the boy and all of the girl are begging to F.U.C.K me".... music video.... : l

    I think that Aussie woman like........ Thinks that that video is some kind of statement of female empowerment. Those Ariana Grande videos.... and all of those trashy, sexualized female pop star videos that you see.

    But that could NOT be further from the truth. : l

    Literally NONE of those famous female pop stars..... write or have anything to do with the idea creation of "their" music.

    All of the creative stuff is done by hired people....... like that those guys who have literally like... written songs for like every fake pop star out there.

    This guy..... "Max Martin" (not his real name).....

    One Man Has Written Virtually Every Major Pop Song Of The Last 20 Years. And You've Probably Never Heard His Name


    I think that title is a bit of an exaggeration...... but it stems from truth....

    But the creative forces behind all of those fake pop stars like Spears and Grande... and are hired people.

    And their sexualized image is a pure sexual exploitation of women.



    And that Aussie woman who I care about............ she sees all of that stuff as like.... "female empowerment"???????????????????????????????

    No hun.

    They are being SEXUALLY EXPLOITED FOR $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When will people get this?!!!

    I think some people already get it....

    Honestly...... if that Aussie woman who I care about so much sees that sexual exploitation of females as "female empowerment"..... then that explains her past sexual activities : /

    : l

    Like... seriously, wake up <3

    Music is a big focus of mine <3

  • Guys.

    Did you know that there is a video on Youtube.... of Ariana Grande as a TWEEN..... like 14 or 15 or something....... on some Nickelodeon KIDS SHOW............

    And there are all of these "hidden" sexual stuff going on with her.

    This was on a KIDS SHOW.

    I am not kidding.

    Here it is.

    At ..... 0:38......... then at 1:35........ and then at 1:55.

    Grand and Spears and all of those other female media prostitutes have been groomed to be sex prostitutes from very ages.

  • Did he "love" you, also?

    What happened during those 20 years?

    I saw some guy in the train today who looked a lot like him and instantly the hair on the back of neck stood up... even just the thought of seeing his fucking face ever again creeps me out.

    What happened? Apart from ringing on my door bell every hour of the day or night to the point I disconnected the wires, he beat the crap out of me, he went to my father's home (I had no contact with my father at the time) and threatened him.
    There was never any relationship or "love", he was just obsessed with me.. Finally after about 6 years the police notified me he'd been locked up in a mental institution after he'd beaten the shit out of another girl (victim). She actually came to visit my house to ask about my experience with him (before it happened) and I tried to warn her.
    Nowadays, he'll turn up a couple of times a year, ring my doorbell looking totally psycho and obviously inebriated. (I have a camera on my intercom system now) I do not react, in fact I do not use the rooms at the front of my home so I can pretend not to be home. Can you imagine not using half your house for over 10 years because some cunt has it in for you?
    And all because I tried to help him once because the people he lived with were a bad influence, giving him drugs, knowing full well it fucked with his Schizophrenia medication. I encouraged him to take it, instead of the coke and marijuana his housemates were giving him so they could have a good laugh...
    He could have been a world famous classical pianist, he was genius, like really insanely good pianist.
    I met him when I was a sound engineer and had to record him.
    Oh almost forgot how he made my working as a live music engineer a hell, by turning up staring at me until I had him thrown out every other fucking week..
    There's just too much to contemplate even writing about everything he did.To be honest, I wouldn't know where to start.
    I was once sympathetic, believing he was just ill and needed help. He has ruined part of my life and changed my personality and the way I approach people, or rather avoid them... very sad.

    I do not know your story or history or your connection with this Australian woman but the way you are obsessed (obviously), your thoughts and actions, reminds me of my stalker.
    Your "love" is not realistic in any way, shape or form, that much is clear and I sincerely hope you choose to leave the woman alone, for her sake and your own. If you really care about her, you'll let her go. You can not force anyone into loving you.

    Oh btw, I do not click on link to GLP (haven't for over 2 years) because the energy there is sick.:sick

    Don't forget to brush your teeth!!