"Very few hearings, if any," said a senior Democratic aide

  • The Dems may not even HAVE hearings, instead "investigating" behind closed doors.



    Some senior Democrats are even arguing that other committees should forego any potentially explosive hearings that could distract from the intelligence panel's work, complicating other investigative committees' plans for the fall.

    "Very few hearings, if any," said a senior Democratic aide, who said the coming investigative work will largely take place in closed-door interviews. The aide spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak frankly.

    They also want to warp ( mean wrap.. lol, but warp in more acccurate. :rofl) it all up as fast as possible - as in weeks. Of course the reason for both is so they don't have to be publically challenged in hearings.


    Multiple Democratic lawmakers and congressional aides said there is no formal timeline for the inquiry, but the "need for speed," as one aide put it