I know I complained a bit about how my Australian gf has treated me :P.......

  • Hey. : )... Thanks for posting that.

    Regarding GLP.... It's definitely a kind of "high-energy" place.... like.... you have to be able to take honest criticism there, and it may not always be pleasant...... but I love GLP.

    It's like on big like............. gladiator area of sorts : P

    Just so like... over the top.

    lol... people are always willing to state their honest opinions and stuff there. I like GLP.

    And regarding that man who you've been dealing with the last 20 years........

    You said there was no "relationship" or "love" between you two........... but did he "love" you?...... Like why do you think he was so attracted to you?

    To be honest..... I have never had someone "stalk" me, or anything like that, IRL before.......

    The closest thing I can think of is some guy like..... constantly posting on my GLP threads..... like..... insulting me.

    Constantly........ : P

    He goes by the handle "Larry D. Croc".

    He is some retired guy.

    I really do not talk to him unless he talks to me first, minus one time.

    And I have entertained the idea of him being like... some kind of stalker. Harasser.

    But I really don't consider him to be that......... for he's really a nice person.

    I think he could had be "wary" of me at first, but now I think he just insults me constantly on my threads because he's bored?....

    : P

    But I actually do like him!!

    He's a nice guy, in reality.

    I have found out that literally all interpersonal problems are just simply misunderstandings.....

    Like....... both people misunderstanding the other.

    Like in the case with "Larry D. Croc"....... there have been times when I thought he was like....... acting crazy.

    Harassing me about like..... everything.... : P

    But after some time of dealing with him..... I've learned that he's really a nice, and down-to-earth person............ who just has a certain kind of sense of humor, I'd say.

    And I think he constantly posted on my threads because he was wary about me posting so much about that Aussie woman who I love....... especially after she joked/exaggerated about me being some kind of psycho guy : P

    She as joking around.

    I actually have love for that guy.


    From what I have come to learn........... all interpersonal issues are merely just misunderstandings.

    There is a sound reason for everything people do......... but that reason may or may not be easily visible......

    But it's there.

    If I could offer you advice in dealing with this man who you have been dealing with for the last 20 years... in one word?????

    It would be - Kindness.


    Just simply being kind, nice, totally-compassionate and understanding towards him.

    And to not take everything so seriously.


    Be light-hearted.

    Joke around.... : ) <3

    You don't need to take it seriously.

    Kindness/love/compassion only creates more kindness/love/compassion.

    I GUARANTEE... that if you act kind, loving, compassionate, and understanding towards him...... totally unconditional love....... he WILL act in the same way in return.

    I PROMISE! <3

    I know you said you don't go on to GLP....... but I actually wrote this out to someone who is actually dealing will something similar to you at the moment.....

    I write a few posts, all the way to the end of the thread.

    I recommend that you read it.



  • Honestly?

    From thinking about your situtation, Ninster?

    Like.... I don't know about everything that has happened.......

    But something that I thought of.... is that that man who you've been dealing with........... may hold some kind of resentment towards you.

    He probably feels like you have treated him unkindly.

    I have felt that way towards that Aussie woman who I have been dealing with......... I guess because she has been "ghosting" me a lot.

    .... refusing to talk to me.

    That is..... probably definitely how that man feels towards you.

    Yeah. Definitely.

    Without a doubt.

    He probably holds some resentment towards you for not treating him the way he expects to be treated.

    Again..... if I can offer you advice in word word?..... It would totally be "Kindness". : )

    Be kind.... and love him unconditionally.

    And he will act the same way in return.

    I would bet my life on that. It's true. <3

  • I actually just posted the same thing about resentment to that other woman in that GLP thread.... regarding resentment.

    I GUARANTEE that is why people act like that guy who you've been dealing with the last 20 years.

    He resents you for something. My guess would be because you haven't been totally compassionate to him.... and understanding of him....... treating him as an psycho, insane, monster guy.... rather than a person.

    I guarantee that is why he acts the way he does. He resents you.

    I'm only trying to shed some light on all of this......... using my own experiences : ) <3

  • I posted this song for her in that GLP thread..... saying that she is in total control over everything <3

    Awesome song :D

  • Your reading comprehension is obviously lacking as I've stated, although in not as many words that being compassionate and understanding towards the stalker is what made him become obsessed with me in the first place...

    And to not take everything so seriously.

    lol! Again, try saying that after some nut-job has threatened your life multiple times over many years, beaten the crap out of you and made your life hell !! You have no clue! You're most definitely the last person I'd take advice from..

    From what I have come to learn........... all interpersonal issues are merely just misunderstandings.

    So my stalker is just misunderstood? He really loves me and it makes him want to lash out without having said a word and punch my in the face six times before kicking me in the guts and smashing my head against a concrete pillar in the middle of the night??? Yeah right!!:ballin The guy is sick, hears voices in his head that make him do and say things no healthy human being would think of so communication is impossible, like uhm you get that?

    Again, I was on GLP some years and met some cool people (a couple of whom I've met IRL) and have also been stabbed in the back by some who pretended to be friends.. been caught up in some very dark and dangerous scenarios where I've had to save a friend who was catfished. It even happened to me. Some people there really hurt me bad and I wouldn't go there even if you paid me..

    End of, bye!

    Don't forget to brush your teeth!!

  • Ok. I obviously don't know the entire story....... but I still hold with what I said.

    You are not a victim. You have the power to make things better.

    Love is the answer. It has always been.


    If you have any questions for me or anything...... let me know <3

  • It really does not matter if you think that you have been treating him kindly and compassionately enough or not........

    The fact is is that he probably does think that you haven't been kind and loving and compassionate to him...... and he resents you for that.


  • You are completely deluded. When I read this article today it made me think you'd probably say this woman and her daughter would still be alive if only she'd been more compassionate...

    Don't forget to brush your teeth!!