Love is in the air the form of SKITTLES

  • Hi 52! I'm not much on sugar anymore so Valentines day is just a social construct for me. Its a creation of the candy industry.....just as daylight saving time is distorted for the candy industry. Bla bla bla give meat for Valentines day.....its much more tastie.


  • I've heard about Skittles but we don't have them here in The Netherlands.. Like Wayne I'm on a mostly no carb/or sugar/ carnivore diet but every now and then I crave something sickly sweet and the other night I went out to my local supermarket (5 mins before closing @21:55 to buy a box of "kisses" or as they used to be called before PC legislation "Negro kisses" lol!
    They consist of stiff sweet eggwhite on this wafer base covered in thin layer of chocolate and 1 fits in mouth, just... hehe…coated_marshmallow_treats

    Don't forget to brush your teeth!!

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