28 year old virgin. Read this

  • Thanks Gina. If you want me to stop I will. : )

    Can I just ask you one question though? : P : )

    Has she contacted you at all - expressing grief or not expressing grief?

    Because she has contacted my birth father more than once on Facebook.... to just either completely making stuff up about me, or exaggerating things.

    She is a troll. : P

    Of sorts : P

    Internet troll - https://www.urbandictionary.co…php?term=Internet%20Troll

    : )

  • What part of "STOP" is so hard for you to comprehend?!!

    I'll give it 2 days or I'm outta here for good.... don't need to be reminded of a fuckin psycho stalker every day, having one myself already for 20 years...

    Don't forget to brush your teeth!!

  • Stop posting about the Assi girl. Don't ever mention it again here or you will be banned. I'm getting all kinds of grief from this. You are causing her grief. Fucking stop.

    Thank you Gina, I know you don't decide these things easily but you're absolutely right in this case <3

    Don't forget to brush your teeth!!