Forced to do math.

  • I don't remember if I'd mentioned before that my hormone supply has been disrupted. Well, not just for me but for the entire world.

    I use transdermal patches and for some reason the supply has just stopped. I've read that it's something to do with the adhesive.

    So I pulled off my last patch today and have to switch to a gel that is rubbed into the skin. I bought a supply a month ago. I was pretty afraid that I was going to be fucked - and I do not want to turn back into a pumpkin!

    Math needs to be done to figure the dose.

    The patch:

    1.56 mg total (each patch), delivered @ 100mcg per day

    Dose: 2 patches, changed twice a week.

    Effective dose: 200mcg per day ( 2x patches, changed twice a week.)

    The patches stay on for 3.5 days - they constantly release the 100mcg per day, each patch.


    50 grams (bottle)

    .5mg per dose. That's 500mcg per dose - and you're supposed to apply it 2 or 3 times per day

    A dose is considered one pump from the bottle and you rub it on your arms or thighs.

    I'm thinking one pump of the gel will be more than twice what the two patches were delivering.

    My blood tests before ( patches) show me in at the bottom of normal female range for estrogen. So I could go way up. But I never wanted to use more than what was effective. And I got nice knockers off the low dose.

    So I guess maybe I'll self dose this Gel for a month - using only one pump (once a day) and get my bloodwork done to see where I'm at.

    what a pain in the ass.

  • It's possible the gel doesn't deliver as much as the patch. IE: you absorb less from the gel than the patch.

    My usual process with new stuff is I'll follow the directions for a while and check the results. In your case, maybe not a full month if you are seeing changes in a week or two.

    You might take a look at this pharmacy. I bought Ivermectin from them. It's not a scam joint. It does take 2 weeks to show up.

    They are out of your brand but they have this:

    Estrofem 1mg Menopausal Meds | Buy With Inhouse Pharmacy |

    Might be some other that would work too. Scout their site - Transgender

  • LOL! I see from your pic it's the same pharmacy! You already know this!

    Yes! Been using them for at least 7 or 8 years! Totally legitimate. I would say they are excellent!

    You're right about the gel not being the equivalent of the patch. I've been reading all morning. Studies and also from end users - like what doses they use.

    I know more about the dosing than the doctors I've been to. lol. It's not hard to read. But doing math is not my strong point.

  • Nothing from any other brands. Same story. something to do with the adhesive part of the formula that is not available.

    Not just from inhouse, but anywhere. Out of stock everywhere.

    I could take pills - which studies show to be effective, but they are a risk for blood clots and liver damage. So not for me.

    I'll be fine with the gel I think.

    Another option is injections. But I'm trying to avoid the doctors (except for blood tests) because they screwed me and cut me off before because I didn't come in every 3 months for bloodwork. The normal period for someone already on HRT is every 6 months to a year just to monitor.