Germany suddenly now says it will spend at least 2% of GDP on defense

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    Those dense cock-suckers finally getting it? What Trump dressed them down over and what everybody was saying how Trump was mean to our Allies?


    "In response to Putin's war". Fucking idiots. Were they not required by NATO to spend 2% before?

    We live in Clown World.…-policy-shift-2022-02-27/

    Germany to increase defense spending in response to 'Putin's war' - Scholz

    BERLIN, Feb 27 (Reuters) - Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Sunday Germany would sharply increase its spending on defence to more than 2% of its economic output in one of a series of policy shifts prompted by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

    Germany this week also halted its Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project with Russia and agreed to send weapons to Ukraine after long resisting pressure from Western allies on both issues and facing accusations of being too dovish towards the Kremlin. read more

    "We will have to invest more in the security of our country to protect out freedom and democracy," Scholz told an extraordinary session of the Bundestag lower house of parliament on Sunday.

    Germany has long resisted pressure from the United States and others to raise its defence spending to 2% of economic output in the light of its 20th century history and resulting strong pacifism among its population.

  • Back in 2018 Germany had about a half dozen combat ready Typhoons out of 128. Grounded due to lack of parts and some parts no longer in production. I sure hope the Luftwaffe is doing better than that now.