First world problems thread.

  • Bitch about how bad you've got it, you primadonna. You know you want to!

    Well here's my story so far for today.

    I was running a little late so I went to McDonald's for breakfast. The drive-thru. I ordered a sausage egg McMuffin combination with a sweet roll.

    I was then coldly told that they were waiting for my order and to pull into the number one slot to wait. So I waited.

    Probably 5 minutes. Waste of my time!. The guy finally comes out hands me the bag and the sandwich was out of its wrapper and I couldn't find the damn hash browns. So I grabbed it when he was walking in and said where are the hash browns motherfucker? They were actually at the bottom of the bag out of its package too. Lol.

    So it's cool I go down the road and open my sausage McMuffin and it's a fucking ham McMuffin. I cannot stand him. Even the stench of it or even taking it out of the sandwich still leaves the residual taste of it. But I got over it and I ate it.

    The hash browns were soggy and too greasy.

    Now I'm hoping for that awesome sweet roll to pull me through. So I grab into the bag to open the fork and get a handful of greasy ham.

    Why does God treat me this way?

  • I was cursed with despising ketchup, onions and pickles on a burger. A life time of "Cheeseburger with mustard only" Mcdonalds orders growing up or just a plain burger/cheeseburger. To this day, they get it right only about 70% of the time. I very rarely go there, it's only because I'm starving and nothing else is open.

    The Fillet o Fish wasn't too bad but it's just much shittier since the 80s. I have never eaten a big mac. I'd probably vomit if I tried.

    One time I went, I watched a Mexican manager drop a large fries on the floor, and he scouped them back in and put it back on the rack. I fucking went postal on him and forced him to throw them out and then go wash his hands while I watched(!) The staff was all chuckling as they obviously hated the guy. Seriously, I got so fucking mad at the guy he's lucky I didn't give him a receipt.

  • Many complaints around here on "nextdoor" about various retailers moving towards self-checkout. Wife does bulk of our grocery shopping online with Walmart and home delivery. The rest she buys at Albertsons and Costco. Not really an issue for us but pretty much a First World issue.

  • I remember when there was no self-service at the gas pump and when we moved to it. Buying one product like gas is of course much simpler than a cart of groceries but self-checkout is coming everywhere.

  • When everyone is at McDick's using the automated kiosks, I cut in front of all of them and go stand at the cash. Nobody likes me. Not the customers, and not the lazy staff. I get served first though, and I can get the fuck outta there fast.

  • We like the Walmart home delivery and parking lot pick up. Wife complains because they screw up on something now and then but still likes it overall. I like that when they don't have something they will substitute an item of equal or greater value, usually greater, for the same price.