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    Today will hopefully be a pretty easy friday. I get to install a printer that's already set up and the people don't want any training. Plus it's scheduled for 11:30, which is right in the middle of the day so that will probably be the only thing I do.

    Then I think I'll do some more shopping. I need to step up my game a little bit.

  • Speaking of corporate fuckery... did you know there's now a thing called a "mouse jiggler"? It's a little stand you put your mouse on that generates random cursor movements to trick corporate busybody software into thinking you're in front of your computer. For work at home people. Because corporate fuckwads can't stand the idea that you might be doing a load of laundry on THEIR time. Next they'll want your webcam active at all times.

    So you're all for people collecting a 40 hour per work week paycheck while working only 2 hours a day?

    Anyone who thinks they need a gadget to get around perceived "busybody software" is part of the problem as far as I am concerned. But that attitude is nothing new . . .

    Has to be around 20 years ago at a previous employer, I received a call for someone whose first name is the same as mine. I said they had the wrong so-and-so and transferred the call. This happened a couple times. I was called again and the person asked where I sat. The person they were trying to reach had an office that I could see over the cubicle wall if I stood up. Yep, door is open, yep light is on. Maybe he isn't picking up his voice mails, would you please leave a note on his keyboard. Sure, no problem.

    Next day, call from someone, did you leave the message? Yes, I did. Are you sure he was in yesterday? Well, I never saw him, but his light was on and there was a pad of paper and a soda on his desk. OK, could you please leave another message for him. Yes, I can. Could you please leave it somewhere you are absolutely certain he will see. Absolutely I will.

    Next day, get a call. Hey, just out of curiosity, where did you leave the note for him yesterday? Well, I walked into his office, there was an open 20oz soda on his desk, so I stuck the sticky note to it. The guy starts laughing and said, "that explains it."

    Turned out, that was this guy's MO. He came to the office in the morning, bought a soda, opened it and put it on his desk so that anyone stopping by the office would think they had just missed him while he was out goofing off all day. He admitted that to someone he thought he could trust that he was trying to convince to play hooky with him -- "It's just so easy." When he came back that afternoon to make it look like he had left for the day, he saw the sticky note on his soda, knew the gig was up, and quit effective immediately.

    Since my lunch hour is up in 10 minutes, guess I'd better get back to work. ;)

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    I don't need to be micromanaged. If I work for a company that started monitoring my mouse movement I wouldn't be working there for very long.

    I'm sure they have more sophisticated means these days anyway. Like what is your actual activity logging into software or websites.

    I was a supervisor on my last job for about 50 other technicians. If I wanted to I could find out exactly where they were live on a map GPS. That was never necessary. Nor would the company even want to do that.

    The technicians either got their work done or they didn't. The ones that didn't get their work done or were slow were delt with.

    Back in the 90s when I work for the cellular provider there were people that were in cubicles that were customer support I guess. Those poor people had to log into their phones and log out to go to the bathroom and every minute was accounted for. You're either on the phone or you logged out on your specify breaks and then right back on and you're on the phone again. You also had to deal with customers in a certain amount of time and then they would get on the phone and monitor it. Fuck that. I would never work a job like that..

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    What kind of music did they have. I remember it being made a big deal but I don't remember anything else about it.

    When we were at the Long Beach convention center tearing down out booth, we were talking about music. Two other people at work record and writ music and the sales guys, who is my age, is a total concert guy and music fan. He goes to concerts and sees bands every weekend. I have no idea where he get the energy.

    We were at the LB center waiting for our truck and were talking about music. James was telling us about Coachella . He said he wad about 18 at the time. He said it was the best one of all of them and out sales guys said he thought it was one of the best line ups.

    I was surprised when James said that everybody shut up when Paul McCartney hit the stage. He said Paul McCartney was awesome. That everyone listened to Paul.

    James went on about Paul McCartney for awhile - like he was amazed by PM. And he started talking about The Beatles. He didn't know a whole lot about the Beatles but he was giving them big compliments

    I was surprised to hear that Paul when over so well with the Coachella crowd.

  • Work truck is gps tracked and monitored and the company phone is monitored by IT and also tracked with gps. To the point even the acceleration and deceleration are monitored to ensure "safe driving practices"

    I have similar (Though I use my personal phone, they pay me $65 a month) GPS tracks 20mph over, rapid stops, HARD stops, same with accelerating, and hard turns--it sends me a fucking email whenever one of the above happens. I used to win the contest every month for most miles with fewest infraction points, and THEN the 3G towers shut down, and they installed a new gps. Now I get an infraction every time I fart, to the point I blocked the fucking gps from sending me emails. Boss texted me a couple weeks ago that I had the new record, 218 infractions on a drive from Roanoke VA and Danville Kentucky. They don't seem to worry about it, I keep reminding them that I haven't been pulled over since 2015, a span of some 450k miles.

    She said " I gotta go but my friend can stick around"

  • People don't know how to frame a photo. I'm perusing the fagbook marketplace cuz I'm bored and looking at stuff people are pretending to want to sell and I can tell just by looking at the shitty pictures that they don't really want to sell it.

    People in general are thick and lazy.

    Here's a for example...

    Couldn't be bothered to pull it out from under the table? Maybe dust it off? Pull whatever tool that is off the top??

    I mean... god dam man, have a little self-respect.

  • Kinda surprised by the vitriolic reaction to this announcement (FIRE THEM!!1!1)... Personally, I'm with them. They are paid to complete a task. If they're completing the task what does it matter WHERE they are completing it from?? If they're NOT completing the task, fire them! But no.. This is about management wanting to control people's lives. In the future (now), companies that offer the most flexibility with their workforce will recruit and retain the best employees. Just because you've had to suffer through your work life doesn't mean that EVERYONE should.

    Apple workers push back against return to office plan
    The group of employees argues that the "uniform mandate from senior leadership does not consider the unique demands of each job role nor the diversity of…

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